CryptoArt News: Women of CryptoArtNet

Recent discussions on CryptoArt Twitter point to the need to support a stronger presence of women in cryptoart. While the cryptoart scene seems more welcoming to women overall than many tech domains, women make up only 20% of CryptoArtNet listings.

Hopefully more discussion and action are ahead. For my part, highlighting the women who have listings at CryptoArtNet seemed like a good place to start. There is some ambiguity around gender in some cases so I may be adding or even subtracting from this list in the near future. If I get one wrong, let me know!

Let me also say that CryptoArtNet is very supportive of the presence of all genders and gender combinations. Binaries can be useful but ultimately limit human identity and artmaking in sometimes brutal fashion.

The cryptoart scene has generally been a very positive and welcoming space. Part of what’s great about it is its international makeup. I’ve been very glad that artists choosing to create listings on CryptoArtNet offer a strong representation of many different parts of the world.

Women of CryptoArtNet (Alphabetical with notes from Artists’ Listings)

image of sculptured woman's faceArtbymitrai

Indrani is a self-taught artist inspired by the shapes, colors and form of natural objects. She is especially moved by the engaging simplicity of illustrations created for children and how Vermeer’s treatment of light can bring out the ethereal beauty of a simple moment in time.

She was elected for juried exhibition, lightandspace, which was impactful in focusing her research efforts into a variety of new methods and techniques. She has entered a more experimental phase with digitized works and the use of digital tools paralleling her discovery of blockchain technology which she sees as an open door to a whole new world of possibilities.

Twitter: @artbymitrai

Abstract image hiding woman's face by Anna Stoyanova-Spontaneart at CryptoArtNetAnna Stoyanova/Spontaneart

Traditional and digital painter. I am working in different styles and techniques, and I am mixing them digitally….

With the event of the internet and the new technological progress, I discovered a new way to express my creativity and started to paint digitally. At this moment I am creating daily digital art, very personalized, because, usually I love to create with custom brushes that were painted or designed in separated applications. Mostly I am remixing my photos of my traditional art in different variants and techniques and I am experimenting new ways to create. Some of my fans called my transformations of old art in new “Recycled art”.

Twitter: @anfasesto

colorful abstract figures by Barbara Tosti on CryptoArtNetBarbara Tosti

digitalart, drawing, masks, photography, Portraits, Spacedivers, storytelling, Timetravel

Twitter: @spacedivers

image of an eye by BrightLight on CryptoArtNetBrightLight

I am a Mixed Media Artist from England who enjoy’s experimenting with various mediums to create pieces to provoke thought and prompt the observer to look and explore.

Twitter: @brightlite76

Abstract image of women's head in purple, red and black by Cechk on CryptoArtNetCECHK

CECHK is the pseudonym used by Gabriela Cecchin, a brazillian visual and crypto artist.

The themes of her works includes a neo-cyberpunk world, a glitched reality, womanhood, mental illnesses, substance abuse, and the self reflected ego on the internet.

Using bold colors and a unique painting style, she seeks to communicate chaos through her art. Creating her works with traditional and digital techniques, she explores the tangent between reality and digital reality.

Her works are inspired by the works of Francis Bacon, João Ruas and Katsuhiro Otomo.

Twitter: @cechk_art

Handdrawn girlish bedroom by Fullmetal Magdalene at CryptoArtNetFullmetal Magdalene

All my life I have loved creating visual works that I would describe as ‘Art Out Loud’. My artistic influences include Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Theodor Seuss, and Leonardo Da Vinci. I love celebrating the female form in my works. My pieces incorporate influences from my findings in psychology, theology, blockchain technology and pop culture; as well as my personal journeys through meditation and psychedelics.

‘Become content at heart, while also remaining discontent and disobedient; indeed become contented and agreeable (only) in the presence of that other Image of nature.’

The Gospel of Mary Magdalene

Twitter: @fullmetalmagda1

Image of angelic women intertwined, floating by Gala Mirissa on CryptoArtNetGALA MIRISSA

Gala Mirissa is a digital artist based in Barcelona and Reus (Tarragona). She works still artistic digital artworks, but one particularity of Gala are their multifaceted skills in the combination of Photography and Art with motion graphics and thus create something that looks alive, feeling the movement as an universal language and the song of our bodies.
Finalist in VISUAL ARTIST AWARDS MIAMI 2018 for The Best Technical Innovation, she was selected in the International Filmaker Biennale Women Cinemakers and interviewed for claim the participation of women in Multimedia Art.

In 2015 she began to develop the Redhawk effect using morphing softwares. Inspired in George Redhawk and Bill Domonkos, soon she began to have more curiosity for all the specialities about motion art while she was developing their Artworks.
She studied Philology, Madrid, and Multimedia at the UOC, Catalonia.

Twitter: @gala_mirissa

ethereal image of explosion of light by Gisel X Florez on CryptoArtNetGisel X Florez

GiselXFlorez is an artist that incorporates photographic & cinematic techniques with conceptual practice to explore the ways in which we are interconnected within the space of existence. Gisel creates using traditional manual controls with a digital 4×5 incorporating immutable technology on various platforms & blockchains such as ETH EOS, DGX, ENJIN & WAX. She is currently is developing a VR immersive installation & forming artistic community initiatives within Cryptovoxels & Somnium Space.

Twitter: @giselflorez

A close up of a person in psychedelic rorschach ink test style by Julia K Ponsford on CryptoArtNetJulia K. Ponsford

Julia K. Ponsford is a self-taught inter-planetary and multi-disciplinary crypto artist residing in Montréal, Québec and a founding member of the Alien Art Hive collective. Her visual arts style is ever evolving and hard to pin down, thriving on experimentation and floating through a world of dreams. Recent interests involve creating psychedelic inspired collages using the assistance of artificial intelligence elements. She is also an ambient electronic musician and enjoys making hypnotic and surreal soundscapes and has recently began mixing mediums to create multi-sensory visual and auditory experiences.

Twitter: @juliakponsford

portrait of woman's head and neck, lying back, in dark colors by Kitty Bast on CryptoArtNetKitty Bast

Kitty Bast creates characters that reappear and reside in a place where things are not as they should be. They each have a name and are often found in scenes of ambiguity for the viewer to unravel. Each piece of work is like a window with a view into the characters world.

I am aware of the boundaries of language. Art gives us a way to release what lives inside our head.

Kitty was awarded at the Khojaly Peace Prize for her work in the exhibition & ceremony held at the Houses of Parliament in London 2017.

She is also a Tattoo Artist and Studied BA & MA Fine Art at The Manchester School of Art, UK.

Twitter: @KatSheKittyBast

dark landscape of tree by a lake by Luisa Espeineira on CryptoArtNetLuisa Espiñeira

I am a photographer and digital artist based in Galicia, Spain. I’m in love with spaces without people or in which people are only part of the landscape. I like the long exposure, I can spend hours trying to get the perfect picture. Then the editing part will begin, until I get what I am looking for, what I felt when I decided to photograph that space. I use Photoshop, After effects and Premiere to editing a to animate my images.

Twitter: @LuisaEspineira

A woman with eyes covered by Mar.E on CryptoArtNetMar.E

From Twitter:
Arte +Diseño+cosas, Artista descentralizada #powerdada #collector #opensea #knownorigin #creary #cryptoart #rareart #mare #makersplace

Twitter: @marespi

A screenshot of a video game with cute bear by Miwa on CryptoArtNetMiwa

Love drawing cute animals for long time and enjoy making happy art. Also, love trying new things.

Twitter: @Miwa79530603

dark blue somewhat abstract portrait of human head by Nad Art on CryptoArtNetNad Art

Artist. Dancer, mixed media and technological experiments in Corvus Project.

Twitter: @Nadart12

bottom half of woman's face by OoakosiMo on CryptoArtNetOoakosiMo

audiovisualart, cryptoart, digitalart, experimental, multimediaart

Twitter: @OoakosiM

abstract in purple, red, blue and black by oculardelusion at CryptoArtNetoculardelusion

I’m a writer and multidisciplinary artist transplanted from the West Coast of California to the Norfolk coast of England.

My visual work straddles analog and digital media – from traditional letterpress printing to still and moving lens-based images and large-scale animated projections on medieval buildings. A longtime participant in multiuser digital worlds, I’m currently exploring the possibilities of VR and cryptoart as tools of expression.

Founding member of, a group of UK-based cryptoartists bringing a diversity of voices to the cryptoart space.

Twitter: @oculardelusion

A woman with collar shirt and head wrap by Paola Castillo on CryptoArtNetPaola Castillo

Minimalist Illustration Artist-Inspired by fashion, social media, toys and beautiful people all around the world.

Twitter: @les_dore

bubble wrap art by Pistissofia on CryptoArtNetPistissofia

Pistissofia is an interdisciplinary artist from Montreal (CA) based in NJ (USA). She works in performance, installation and publication.

Twitter: @sofiapistis

Abstract of mineral cross section by Placeofmany on CryptoArtNetPlaceofmany

Brandi Kyle aka PlaceofMany is a traditional and digital artist based in Nashville, Tennessee. Since her first cryptoart piece was published in 2018 she has expanded her art presence from the physical into the digital using pour painting textures to drive her 3D works while still painting Velvet as well.

Twitter: @Placeofmany

abstract construction including eyes and small figures by Souline Art on CryptoArtNetSouline Art

Argentine artist currently residing in Spain. World traveler. Through my works I try to reflect how labyrinthine reality can be. Combining different techniques, styles and registers, I recreate the complexity of the perspectives that surround us. The lines prevail in my works, through which I seek to play interactively with my works to unite them and create more complex structures and symbolisms.

Twitter: @OrfanoSolange

An abstract drawing of a face by Stina Jones at CryptoArtNetStina Jones

Stina Jones is an independent artist, best known for her quirky character designs which incorporate her trademark use of clean lines and bright, happy colours. She has managed to find an overlap between her two main disciplines – Graphic Design and Illustration – creating her own niche in the digital art world.

Twitter: @stina_jones

abstract lime green by Sparrow on CryptoArtNetSparrow

Sparrow Read is a software engineer, traditional artist (encaustic wax medium) and digital artist. Finding a synergy between technology and art, Sparrow explores the latent space of Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) deep learning algorithms and other digital manipulation techniques to create artworks that are a collaboration between human and machine. Most recently she has been creating “programmable art”, where owners of individual elements of an artwork can control the rendering of a master image to create an artwork that changes over time based on their selections. Her current focus: allowing control of some elements of the master artwork to be controlled by external data, such as weather, Tweet sentiments and market prices.

Twitter: @blackboxdotart

abstract image of nude woman reclining on stomach by Squirterer on CryptoArtNetsquirterer

Squirterer is a fine artist from the Philippines. Mainly focusing on traditional media, she found herself experimenting with digital media. Though the majority of her works are oil painting, she also does photography, video art, sculpture, and a bit of animation. She likes to explore human experiences and the unconscious mind.

Her works have been exhibited in various exhibitions in the Philippines.

All photographs are original and are taken by her.

Twitter: @hidetheblade

Stefania Paintsfour models posing by Stefania Paints on CryptoArtNet

I started with digital drawing last year end of october and now you can buy merch of my drawings in my redbubble and society6 shop

Twitter: @Stefaniapaints

abstract outer space style image in reds, purples, blues and black by sturec on CryptoArtNetsturec

I am a multifaceted artist with a lifetime of trying to find a career that not only suites but also inspires. trying a multitude of different crafts. Geometry loves colors and I love them both..

Studied industrial engineering back in college and have masters degrees in graphic design and computer technologies. Love coding, designing, tattooing and swing trading.

Twitter: @sturec5

a mannequin from three sides by on

Brigitte Fässler is a member of TWISTEDSISTER.IO: a project-based multidisciplinary collective of artists and designers exploring new avenues of artistic production in the digital realm. Connecting visual thinking, game theory and incentive systems as elements of social interaction and collaborative creation practices, the eponymous project investigates the forces behind manifestations of self-portrayals in social media networks.

Twitter: @twistedsisterio

A woman's head with collar shirt and glasses by Voke at CryptoArtNetVoke

Creative Expressions Without Boundaries

Twitter: @VeeArt7

name yrdgz in circular design by yrdgz on CryptoArtNetyrdgz

digital artist. works range in methods of creation; from digital paintings and doodles, to GAN-assisted works, to minimalistic expressions in the form of digital glitches.

Twitter: @yelitzardgz

We welcome all cryptoartists at CryptoArtNet and would love to see more women and folks with all possible gender identities join us, even if you don’t wish to disclose such identity!

CryptoArtNet Members at the Center of CryptoArt Innovation

A number of cryptoartists with CryptoArtNet listings have recently announced creative projects, many with other artists or cryptoart-related platforms. The following are example of such projects bringing innovation to cryptoart.

Bård Ionson

Lots happening at CADAF Online this weekend. Bård Ionson is introducing some innovative work including an update of his unique NFT packaging from 2019:

Bard Ionson CADAF Tweet

Gisel X Florez

Gisel X Florez continues her work with Bullionix creating “3D digital collectibles backed by real gold.”

Gisel X Florez Bullionix Tweet

Skipper Gemx

Skipper Gemx is up to something serious as he and his collaborators lay the “foundation of mixed reality assets as an nft.” It’s complicated but will clearly offer new options for cryptoartists including innovations for Decentraland users!


There’s an interesting connection building between cryptoartists and musicians, for example, this music video created by luluxXX in collaboration with Cazlab:

luluxXX Cazlab Music Video Tweet

Spaced Painter

Spaced Painter created the first 4K VRArt for NFTland as verified by such sources as KnownOrigin and

Spaced Painter 4K VRArt Tweet

Lucho Poletti

Lucho Poletti and ClayCastCrypto combined forces to create silver cast collectibles inspired by an NFT connecting virtual and physical worlds.

Lucho Poletti ClayCastCrypto Tweet

Fabin Rasheed

Let’s close on a meditative note with Fabin Rasheed’s multilayered project for Async Art that includes a new tool for interactive artmaking.

Async Art Fabin Rasheed Tweet

When I said innovation I meant innovation!

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CryptoArt News: CryptoArtNet Members Making Moves

Logo for CryptoArtNet - A colorful Letter CThis edition of CryptoArt News focuses on cryptoartists with CryptoArtNet listings. Last week we reached our goal of 100 Founding Artists a bit early. Originally expected by the end of June, new members kept on coming in and now we have a rich array of Artist listings where you can discover new cryptoartists and find out more about ones with which you’re familiar!

Nifty Pride – June 27th in Cryptovoxels

Early CryptoArtNet member BruceTheGoose is one of the organizers behind Nifty Pride, a LGBTQ event happening in Cryptovoxels to celebrate Pride 2020:

“Join us in Cryptovoxels as we host the metaverse’s first ever pride parade and afterparty. Grab a pride flag wearable, put on your gayest outfit, and march with us in celebration of individuality and freedom of choice as we parade through The Bronx before gathering in the North Tower for an epic after-party!”

Saturday, June 27th 2020 12pm UTC
North Tower
The Bronx, Cryptovoxels

Want to have your art displayed at the event? Here’s the Creator Submission form.

You can also Sponsor The Event!

Sparrow – Respect!

Sparrow, who may well be the most respected artist in the cryptoart game, dropped some knowledge in a discussion organized by the Blockchain Game Alliance on women in the blockchain industry.

“Making the space welcoming – to everyone – will mean we include everyone. And really, that is the path to wider adoption.”

“In art, in gaming, in blockchain, every one of us can make a difference by actively building a space where people feel like they belong & can contribute.”

She also appeared in a two part episode of Josie Bellini’s Behind the Art with Josie:

Behind the Art with Josie – Sparrow – Part 1 and Part 2

Matt Kane on Community

Matt Kane has made multiple recent appearances in cryptoart and NFT news media including an interview in NIFTIES with a powerful perspective on the potential of the cryptoart community:

“This community is a grand experiment with limitless potential to inspire and influence the outside world. The reality is that much of the world is sick right now and has been for some time; long before this virus. If we can show the world what a healthy and sustainable community looks like, it will go a long way toward mainstream adoption. People prefer to be healthy, want to be loved, want to be connected to inspiring people. We can be those people. We can become the model that makes the old model obsolete.”

Matt also appeared on Behind the Art with Josie Bellini:


Mlibty’s Fall of the Bureaucrats

JUΞRGΞN HOΞ₿ARŦH / Johvan Hartmann may not yet be on CryptoArtNet but he did recently write a review of Mlibty‘s Fall of the Bureaucrats exhibition in Cryptovoxels which took place in late May. The review appears in Hartmann’s new Medium publication for the NFT.ART project.

MLIBTY is also making his 2012 papertoy series available for free download:

Spaced Painter Setting Records on KnownOrigin

Spaced Painter was recently noted as KnownOrigin’s top selling artist of the week. It’s not the first record the artist’s set at KO including highest priced sale on KnownOrigin for a collaboration with CryptoSpectr.

Museum of Crypto Art has been a big collector of Spaced Painter’s work:


Spaced Painter is also participating in MakersPlace current TIME FOR CHANGE show in Cryptovoxels as is GALA MIRISSA:

You can find out more about Spaced Painter’s work at Cent where the artist discusses the pieces above and gives you a peek into what the artist’s thinking and how the artist’s working

Ferris Bullish at Cryptoartathon

Ferris Bullish is participating in this weekend’s Cryptoartathon, one of many events taking place in or with adjuncts in virtual worlds like Cryptovoxels

Sparrow, MLIBTY and Mr. Monk at Mintbase Launch Party

On Monday Mintbase has a launch party in Decentraland for artists including Sparrow, MLIBTY and Mr. Monk:

Multiple Artists in SuperRare Editorial

In May, cryptoart gallery/platform SuperRare launched SuperRare Editorial to provide an “open editorial space where artists, collectors, curators, critics and scholars share and discuss crypto art in a deep and meaningful way.”

Many of the early contributors include cryptoartists with listings on CryptoArtNet:

Reflections on the Purpose of Contemporary Digital Art by Yalo

Leaning into the Light by Matt Kane

Sparking Creativity By Bryan Brinkman

Cloud Hashes by Martin Lukas Ostachowski

SuperRare Editorial also profiled a number of artists in this weekend’s Crypto-Pop opening of the SuperRare Museum of Art in Decentraland. Participating CryptoArtNet artists include Bryan Brinkman, Fabiano Speziari and obxium.

Max Osiris Returns to SuperRare

Max Osiris is back on SuperRare. Congrats!

Let’s end on that touching note!

May CryptoArt News: It’s Raining Tokens!

Logo for CryptoArtNet - A colorful Letter CWelcome to the first edition of CryptoArtNet’s CryptoArt News Roundup. I start with acknowledging our own launch and then dive a bit into the growing social currency and personal token scene powered primarily by Roll. This isn’t limited to cryptoart and I stray a bit in covering the phenomenon.

Generally speaking it’s tough to focus on cryptoart news alone because it overlaps with a lot of developments. But I’ve mostly cut out cryptocollectibles including those cats and stars even though they are pretty darn relevant to the future of cryptoart markets.

I also managed to almost completely ignore the growing Decentraland/Cryptovoxels scene which is very important to cryptoart and is also quite hot right now. No disrespect intended!

Biggest News of the Month!

What’s newsworthy is a matter of perception. I saw one new art-oriented NFT marketplace announced widely this week in secondary crypto media outlets and it looked like it was basically a paid press release distro. The Block covered it but didn’t link to a site and I can’t find one nor a Twitter account so I’m treating is as not yet happening.

But CryptoArtNet launched this month and that’s big news to me!

I blogged about it on the CryptoArtNet blog with one of my typically prosaic headlines:
CryptoArtNet Launches Directory of Artists Making CryptoArt

Sacks of $CRAC

I also connected with Roll, which is powering a number of personal token releases at the moment, and CryptoArtNet now has its own social currency called CryptoArtCoin or $CRAC. This token is meant as incentive for signups and for promoting the site and will primarily be used to participate in monetization opportunities on the site. More on that topic in a month or so!

I wrote a number of versions of the $CRAC launch announcement that can be found on the CryptoArtNet blog, on Cent, on the CryptoArtNet Buy Me A Coffee page and in a press release.

Each one of these is a bit different and I’m probably going to write a couple more. Usually I post the same thing everywhere but I guess I’ve been on a roll this week, so to speak!

Screenshot of tweets

Are Social Currencies and Personal Tokens Securities?

The more I think about it, the more I’m concerned about how the SEC is going to view personal tokens and social currencies. I’m treating $CRAC as a utility token akin to loyalty points that can be exchanged for future services. That’s why I will not be involved with secondary market activity of any kind until I see how the SEC weighs in on this topic. But what about those tokens that literally offer shares in an individual’s future production of wealth and are already trading on Uniswap?

As with most legal questions, the answer is “it depends.” Aaron Wright shared some tweets on the topic (via Jake Chervinsky) from the perspective of personal tokens whose contracts are somewhat ambiguous and mostly about finding a “way to organize and incentivize a network around an individual, brand, group, etc.”

Wright initially mentions Alex Masmej’s $ALEX token which has been getting a lot of the attention as one that is “just meaningful between the parties in a purposefully amorphous way.” However, his initial perception was not the case, people informed him of that and he backpedaled on $ALEX which does look a lot like a security and may ultimately catch the attention of the SEC which is my biggest concern about such tokens.

WhaleShark.Pro Launches $WHALE

Noted cryptoart collector WhaleShark.Pro released a unique Roll token this month called $WHALE. It’s both a personal token, due to its partial reliance on the WhaleShark.Pro brand and community, and whatever you’d call an opportunity to buy shares in a basket of assets.

Cooper Turley’s piece for DeFi Rate has a nice overview.

While I wasn’t that surprised that $CRAC raised little interest from the media outlets I contacted, one would think the unique nature of the $WHALE offering would have generated more response. This is an innovative offering but WhaleShark.Pro’s celebrity seems to be primarily based in the cryptoart scene rather than the larger tech and media scene in which swim those releasing more highly visible personal tokens.

Then again $WHALE is backed by a bunch of art while the more media-worthy personal tokens are from young guys with bright futures aka the usual tech media darlings.

Ben Elliot: First at Being Ben Elliot

Influencer Artist Ben Elliot has announced a personal token pegged to his art career that will debut in either late 2020 or sometime in 2021.

Apparently he considered releasing it via Roll, which uses the Ethereum blockchain, and is now talking Stellar, which has its own blockchain. He’s also claiming a first though I doubt it will be a first of any kind by late 2020 except to have Elliot’s name attached. At least that gives him some time to release actual cryptoart!

Tokenized Cassette Tapes!

Wish I had more time to talk about $TAPE. Cool project and the coverage gets into what’s happening in the music scene a bit as well some news of Zora. Definitely worth checking out for artists making physical product:

Tokenized cassette tape by Grammy winner DJ RAC launches on new Ethereum-based marketplace Zora

How to buy $TAPE on Zora

Crypto Duo Hackatao on Nifty Gateway

Celebrity NFT platform Nifty Gateway included Hackatao in Drop 5. Blue chip former street artist Kenny Scharf also made the drop.

As Nifty Gateway notes, Hackatao are known as actual cryptoartists:
“Their involvement in the crypto art scene and their contribution to its community – one of the most remarkable and special aspects of the space – are crucial.”

Other cryptoartists to appear in recent Nifty Gateway drops include Twisted Vacancy, Coldie and Josie Bellini.

Of course, all artists releasing cryptoart can be considered cryptoartists. I’m not as interested in the celebrity space but I am hoping such activity will spur more mainstream adoption without undermining the grassroots community of cryptoartists. At least, not too much since that process is inevitable. Everything that’s happening to date is fairly predictable except for the personal token aspect though that’s already falling into a narrative arc.

Hackatao was also recently featured on Josie Bellini’s Behind the Art with Josie podcast on Twitch.

Josie’s been on a tear this month with all sorts of great artists including Skeenee, Coldie and Katy Arrington as well as Conlan from Async Art.

CryptoArt as a New Asset Class

Speaking of narrative arcs, we’re seeing more CryptoArt 101 coverage that recognizes a new asset class is emerging. Daniel Kuhn has a nice piece at Coindesk that uses Nifty Gateway as a jumping off point for a discussion of various aspects of the emerging market. Cryptoartists Max Osiris and Coldie both make brief appearances but the piece largely sidesteps the cryptoart community to focus on everybody else that’s getting in on the action.

Yonatan Ben Shiman of Virtual Humans tries to reframe the growing cryptoart movement as Virtual Art since that fits the site’s Virtual Influencer focus and business model. My only problem with the use of the word virtual is that it has become a stand-in for digital. The reality is cryptoart is not virtual. It’s real digital art. Beyond that, frame it however you need to make that money!

Speaking of Virtual, L’Atelier has a stylish and relevant report on the Virtual Economy. Much of it is about adjacent territory but it’s worth a look and definitely worth passing on as a form of legitimation for the space.

Turner Wright has a bit about the cryptoart market from the perspective of artist Vesa Kivinen. It would be nice if the piece linked out to Kivinen’s web presence however that’s an ongoing issue with crypto media outlets just like it is with mainstream and tech media outlets. But, hey, plenty of internal links to strengthen SEO!

So Much More CryptoArt News

Honestly, I’m running out of time for creating this post. That’s what I get for sharing my opinion and being good at gathering news. Here are some links out to various happenings from the month which has been quite rich. There’s much more of note that I don’t get to in this post.

Over at Cent

Hidden Gems – 2 including Art Reviews by Fabin Rasheed

BruceTheGoose is Rethinking The Goose Nest

Decentraland and Cryptovoxels

Introducing the Decentraland Content Creator Program

Open Sea and Decentraland Make The CoinDesk 50

There’s a Virtual Billboard/Cryptoart Convergence Happening – More on that next time!

Data News Announces “New Era”

Platforms and Galleries

Announcing InfiNFT!!! A Token Minting Platform with Images & Metadata on the Blockchain!!

infiNFT Alpha Artists including Giant Swan

Mintbase <> Arweave

MakersPlace + Grow Your Base

MakersPlace Introduces Collaboration (BETA)

Cargo Invites Everyone to Test Drive V2

Virtual Rare Art Festival

The Virtual Rare Art Festival involved a large number of cryptoartists including some with CryptoArtNet profiles:
Martin Lukas Ostachowski
Peter Bock
Gisel X
Matt Kane

Are you a cryptoartist? Get a free profile on CryptoArtNet! Plus $CRAC!!!


CryptoArtNet Artists Directory Launches CryptoArtCoin Social Currency $CRAC In Partnership With Roll

a gold colored C with swirlsCHATTANOOGA, TN (May 26, 2020) – The emerging directory of artists making cryptoart, CryptoArtNet, announces the launch of CryptoArtCoin, a social currency also known as $CRAC. Created with the help of Roll, CryptoArtCoin is a form of social currency designed to be used for services at CryptoArtNet by its growing community of artists.

Social currency is a relatively new concept though it has many forerunners. From airline points to in-game credits, social currency is designed to give those who are most involved with an online community something extra.

As CryptoArtNet founder Clyde F. Smith notes:
“My interest in social currency grew from my involvement with the cryptoart community. A number of artists worked with Roll to create their own tokens and caused me to recognize the potential for encouraging and rewarding the CryptoArtNet community.”

At CryptoArtNet, early adopters are especially valued and are currently provided with an extra big bag of CryptoArtCoin aka $CRAC. Though CryptoArtCoin does not offer ownership stakes in CryptoArtNet, it does provide artists with the means to trade precious $CRAC for monetization and promotional services.

Artists that have created listings on CryptoArtNet will also be provided with many free promotional opportunities while HODLing $CRAC. Beyond listings, early adopters receive special designations that will allow them to stand out as the directory of artists making cryptoart grows.

The first 13 artists with live listings have been designated The Baker’s Dozen and receive heightened attention in the directory. The first 100 will be known as Founding Artists and receive a similar distinction as The Baker’s Dozen if they create listings by June 30.

Baker’s Dozen members will also receive 10,000 $CRAC while Founding Artists receive 5000!

After that point, new artists creating free CryptoArtNet listings will receive a payout of 1000 $CRAC each for the foreseeable future. That leaves but one question. What can artists do with their bags of $CRAC?

Without spilling the magic beans, CryptoArtNet wants artists to know that the site is planning monetization opportunities that go beyond art sales and tip jars. Of course, the site itself is intended to help increase artist sales and tip jar buttons are planned as an option for artist listings.

However, additional monetization features that will be announced soon will offer new possibilities for cryptoartists to make real money in addition to current revenue streams. These opportunities will require a setup fee payable in $CRAC.

Keep an eye on CryptoArtNet for further developments!

About CryptoArtNet

Founder Clyde F. Smith launched CryptoArtNet as a way to help build the cryptoart community.

Says Smith:
“I began meeting cryptoartists on Twitter last year and found it to be the most supportive and the friendliest online network of artists I had encountered to date. Their positive energy inspired me to create my first pieces of digital art and, now, to launch CryptoArtNet. Together I think everyone from artists to cryptoart platforms to startups like Roll are building something very special.”

CryptoArtNet can be found at and at

About Roll

Roll is a social currency company powering the development of social and personal tokens. Without Roll CryptoArtCoin and a number of other social currencies would not be possible.

Roll can be found at and at

Press Contact:
Clyde F. Smith, CryptoArtNet Founder

CryptoArt News Announcements:

CryptoArtNet Launches Directory of Artists Making CryptoArt

CryptoArtNet Artists Directory Rolls Out CryptoArtCoin – $CRAC

Background Resources:

What Is CryptoArt?

What Is Roll? What Is Social Currency?