CryptoArtNet Members at the Center of CryptoArt Innovation

A number of cryptoartists with CryptoArtNet listings have recently announced creative projects, many with other artists or cryptoart-related platforms. The following are example of such projects bringing innovation to cryptoart.

Bård Ionson

Lots happening at CADAF Online this weekend. Bård Ionson is introducing some innovative work including an update of his unique NFT packaging from 2019:

Bard Ionson CADAF Tweet

Gisel X Florez

Gisel X Florez continues her work with Bullionix creating “3D digital collectibles backed by real gold.”

Gisel X Florez Bullionix Tweet

Skipper Gemx

Skipper Gemx is up to something serious as he and his collaborators lay the “foundation of mixed reality assets as an nft.” It’s complicated but will clearly offer new options for cryptoartists including innovations for Decentraland users!


There’s an interesting connection building between cryptoartists and musicians, for example, this music video created by luluxXX in collaboration with Cazlab:

luluxXX Cazlab Music Video Tweet

Spaced Painter

Spaced Painter created the first 4K VRArt for NFTland as verified by such sources as KnownOrigin and

Spaced Painter 4K VRArt Tweet

Lucho Poletti

Lucho Poletti and ClayCastCrypto combined forces to create silver cast collectibles inspired by an NFT connecting virtual and physical worlds.

Lucho Poletti ClayCastCrypto Tweet

Fabin Rasheed

Let’s close on a meditative note with Fabin Rasheed’s multilayered project for Async Art that includes a new tool for interactive artmaking.

Async Art Fabin Rasheed Tweet

When I said innovation I meant innovation!

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