Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Updates of this Terms of Service and Privacy Policy will be announced on the CryptoArtNet News blog.

Terms of Service

All artists creating cryptoart available via cryptoart/NFT galleries, platforms, marketplaces and personal sites may have a free listing conditional on the following:

Hate speech and depictions that are readily apparent as hate speech will not be tolerated on the site.

Outright copying of other artists’ work, including taking images and reversing them or simply changing colors, is not acceptable on the site.

Generally speaking, the most generous reading of artist intent regarding critical commentary, parody and fair use will be taken by site administrators.

Off-site behavior will not usually affect participation in CryptoArtNet except in extreme examples of hate speech and image theft.

Privacy Policy

A much more detailed privacy policy is needed. Major points will include:

CryptoArtNet will not sale or share user data with other individuals, projects or organizations.

Currently advertising is limited to the top bar on each site page and consists of text with a link. Additional advertising may be added to the CryptoArt News blog but not on artist pages.

No additional data is gather beyond site analytics.

Site analytics will be limited as much as possible. Analytics are currently provided by Clicky which allows for the exclusion of IP addresses and similar personal information. Clicky does place limited cookies for functional purposes but all data gathering is anonymized. Any cookies served by Clicky are treated as “non-necessary” by our GPDR Cookie Consent system which CryptoArtNet applies worldwide.

Directory software and other third party products may include analytics and related information gathering however all available precautions against the gathering of individually identifiable data will be taken.

For example, in setting up the site’s contact form, CryptoArtNet specified the setting:
“Disable storing the IP address and User Agent on all forms”

Europe’s GDPR guidelines will be followed for all users and software/services will be chosen with compliance in mind.

Updates to follow.

For more information: Contact CryptoArtNet