CryptoArtNet Artists Directory Launches CryptoArtCoin Social Currency $CRAC In Partnership With Roll

a gold colored C with swirlsCHATTANOOGA, TN (May 26, 2020) – The emerging directory of artists making cryptoart, CryptoArtNet, announces the launch of CryptoArtCoin, a social currency also known as $CRAC. Created with the help of Roll, CryptoArtCoin is a form of social currency designed to be used for services at CryptoArtNet by its growing community of artists.

Social currency is a relatively new concept though it has many forerunners. From airline points to in-game credits, social currency is designed to give those who are most involved with an online community something extra.

As CryptoArtNet founder Clyde F. Smith notes:
“My interest in social currency grew from my involvement with the cryptoart community. A number of artists worked with Roll to create their own tokens and caused me to recognize the potential for encouraging and rewarding the CryptoArtNet community.”

At CryptoArtNet, early adopters are especially valued and are currently provided with an extra big bag of CryptoArtCoin aka $CRAC. Though CryptoArtCoin does not offer ownership stakes in CryptoArtNet, it does provide artists with the means to trade precious $CRAC for monetization and promotional services.

Artists that have created listings on CryptoArtNet will also be provided with many free promotional opportunities while HODLing $CRAC. Beyond listings, early adopters receive special designations that will allow them to stand out as the directory of artists making cryptoart grows.

The first 13 artists with live listings have been designated The Baker’s Dozen and receive heightened attention in the directory. The first 100 will be known as Founding Artists and receive a similar distinction as The Baker’s Dozen if they create listings by June 30.

Baker’s Dozen members will also receive 10,000 $CRAC while Founding Artists receive 5000!

After that point, new artists creating free CryptoArtNet listings will receive a payout of 1000 $CRAC each for the foreseeable future. That leaves but one question. What can artists do with their bags of $CRAC?

Without spilling the magic beans, CryptoArtNet wants artists to know that the site is planning monetization opportunities that go beyond art sales and tip jars. Of course, the site itself is intended to help increase artist sales and tip jar buttons are planned as an option for artist listings.

However, additional monetization features that will be announced soon will offer new possibilities for cryptoartists to make real money in addition to current revenue streams. These opportunities will require a setup fee payable in $CRAC.

Keep an eye on CryptoArtNet for further developments!

About CryptoArtNet

Founder Clyde F. Smith launched CryptoArtNet as a way to help build the cryptoart community.

Says Smith:
“I began meeting cryptoartists on Twitter last year and found it to be the most supportive and the friendliest online network of artists I had encountered to date. Their positive energy inspired me to create my first pieces of digital art and, now, to launch CryptoArtNet. Together I think everyone from artists to cryptoart platforms to startups like Roll are building something very special.”

CryptoArtNet can be found at and at

About Roll

Roll is a social currency company powering the development of social and personal tokens. Without Roll CryptoArtCoin and a number of other social currencies would not be possible.

Roll can be found at and at

Press Contact:
Clyde F. Smith, CryptoArtNet Founder

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