CryptoArtNet Members Star in Reboot of CryptoArt News

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Keep Up With the Awesome Moves of CryptoArtNet Members

CryptoArt News is relaunching with a focus on CryptoArtNet member accomplishments. The email newsletter will also share updates about CryptoArtNet but the ongoing focus, with regular mailings each week, is on the big things our members are doing.

CryptoArtNet membership spans the full range of cryptoartists from legendary OGs to rising stars. It is rare to see the launch of an important new NFT art platform or special project that doesn’t have at least one member on board.

So please subscribe to our email newsletter below and follow us on Twitter. We’re doing even bigger things in 2022!

CryptoArtNet Founder Clyde F. Smith Launches NFT Entrepreneur: A Business Newsletter

letters NFTs in pink on a reddish purple backgroundNFTs are popular! Newsletters are popular! So why not an NFT business newsletter?

Earlier this year I launched NFT Entrepreneur, a newsletter and related website focused on the business of NFTs.

At the time I was exploring a number of writing options related to NFT business news and analysis.

Now that I’ve settled in, I wanted to officially share the news.

The NFT Entrepreneur website also includes notices of my writing for The Defiant on a variety of cryptoart and NFT-related topics.

You can also find NFT Entrepreneur on Twitter and LinkedIn.

See you there!

NFT Topics covered at NFT Entrepreneur include:

AcquisitionsArt ~ Assets ~ Business Strategy ~ Funding ~ Investment Funds ~ Law
Marketing ~ Media ~ Real Estate ~ Social Media ~ StartupsStocks ~ Trading

CryptoArtNet Launches Fundraising Campaign In Gitcoin Grants: NFT Category

Logo for CryptoArtNet - A colorful Letter CWe’re currently fundraising on Gitcoin Grants for expenses including hiring a WordPress dev!

CryptoArtNet is participating in Gitcoin Grants Round 9 in the NFT category.

The grant program went live today and runs through the 25th.

Note: Early donors are remarking on the gas fees. If you’d prefer a direct donation there’s info at the end of this post.

The CryptoArtNet grant proposal is for operating expenses and the hiring of a WordPress dev.

Fortunately we don’t need extensive services from the WordPress dev plus they’re cheaper to hire than Solidity devs!

But we do have a number of small tweaks that the theme and plugin creators have not been able to help us with and that are beyond my reach as a WordPress plugin wrangler.

Resolving these issues will improve the site but since they’re all a bit odd and with solutions that are not obvious, there is always the chance they will take more time than anticipated.

So we don’t have a set funding goal but I believe we will do just fine if a bunch of folks that want to support CryptoArtNet make small donations.

Small donations are matched in a process called quadratic funding which means that a lot of small amounts can lead to a larger funding match than will a few large grants.

I guess that’s decentralized crypto math?

In any case, I’m excited about trying this funding route which I think can be used periodically to take care of CryptoArtNet’s financial needs.

So please check out the grant request and do your part without having to empty your pockets!

And if you’d prefer to donate crypto directly or even make a tax deductible fiat donation in the U.S., please let me know via the CryptoArtNet Contact Form.

Currently, CryptoArtNet has a dedicated MetaMask wallet for Ethereum:

If needed, we can create wallets for other cryptocurrencies or establish a fiscal sponsor for tax deductible contributions.

Thanks for your support and let’s keep building our own new art world in NFT Land.

Your friend,
CryptoArtNet Founder Clyde F. Smith

CryptoArtNet Offers Entry To Emerging Crypto Art Market for Digital Artists, Collectors and Traders

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New Beginnings by squirterer

[Press Release Originally Published at PR Web, January 5th]

The emergence of the crypto art ecosystem offers a new market for digital artists, collectors and traders. Now art investing is no longer limited to physical forms. The creation of the NFT enables digital art works to be uniquely identified, offered for sale and treated as an investment. CryptoArtNet provides an entry point to this new art market.

Digital Art Collectibles Are Known As Crypto Art NFTs

Crypto art refers to any form of digital art that has an associated NFT or non-fungible token which functions as a certificate of authenticity. Using the NFT, one can buy and sell digital art on a variety of platforms that merge art gallery and trading floor. This new crypto art market is showing surprising growth in a few short years of existence.

Artists at all levels of development receive new sources of income as well as becoming part of a unique community. Collectors find engaging artwork at price points ranging from a few dollars to six figures. For those seeking to profit from art trades, secondary markets offer an increasingly profitable opportunity. To artists’ surprise, many of these secondary markets also offer royalties to artists on all resales.

2019 Infinite Hydro Colonies by Gisel X Florez

How Does One Enter the World of Crypto Art?

Getting started in crypto art can be a bit confusing for artists and traders alike. The platforms and marketplaces rely on emergent blockchain technology and rapid innovation means there is much to learn.

The available options for buying and selling crypto art are quite diverse ranging from high-end platforms like Nifty Gateway and SuperRare to wild and woolly marketplaces like Rarible. And the range of artists is even broader from absolute beginners to professionals with decades of experience prior to crypto art.

Let CryptoArtNet Be Your Guide

CryptoArtNet is the first directory of crypto artists creating digital art NFTs and an excellent source of information for beginners and professionals alike.

CryptoArtNet resources include:

Crypto Artists Directory with gallery images and links to crypto art sales galleries.

NFT Art Releases offering the latest art for sale from CryptoArtNet Member Artists.

Crypto Art on Twitter featuring a combined feed of CryptoArtNet Members Twitter accounts.

The Crypto Art Web Directory with links to introductory guides, diverse platforms and useful tools.

CryptoArtNet’s services are free to both artists and collectors and additional features are in the works. With the help of CryptoArtNet, digital artists, collectors and traders can achieve greater success through deeper knowledge of the artists and ecosystem.

About CryptoArtNet

CryptoArtNet is headquartered in Chattanooga, Tennessee. It was launched in April 2020 by Clyde F. Smith as a passion project to support the emerging crypto art scene. As the commercial components of this new ecosystem continue to grow, Smith has decided to seek nonprofit status for CryptoArtNet to solidify its role in support of artists functioning in a new marketplace.

CryptoArtNet can be followed on Twitter at @cryptoartnet.

Art Credits: Video by Gisel X Florez, Digital Painting by squirterer

CryptoArtNet to Present at the Blockchain Game Alliance Demo Day

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In 2020 CryptoArtNet founder Clyde F. Smith joined the Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA) as an individual member for a couple of reasons. In particular, he hoped to spread the word about CryptoArtNet to folks in blockchain gaming. The return of BGA’s Demo Day has created just that opportunity.

Smith has long been interested in the primacy of art in NFT Land. One of his early blog posts for Crypto Art News asked the question, “Aren’t NFTs Mostly Cryptoart?” Meant, in part, as a provocation, the post also addressed the fact that many blockchain games centered around art. For example, one might consider CryptoKitties a game designed to produce art NFTs.

homepage images from demo day participants

The upcoming BGA Demo Day gives CryptoArtNet a chance to introduce itself to the blockchain gaming community. This revival of a popular event will take place the last Friday of every month beginning January 29th.

The event will be broadcast live on YouTube. It is a free event but you can register via Eventbrite and be included in the competition for prizes and airdrops.

The January 29th edition of BGA Demo Day kicks off at 10 am Eastern U.S. time which is 4 pm CET. CryptoArtNet is currently scheduled for 11:05 am Eastern time but come early and check out a rich assortment of demos.

You can also follow @BGameAlliance via Twitter.