CryptoArt News Featuring FEWOCIOUS, SuperRare Shows, MoCA Moves

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SuperTrans at SuperRare

NFT performance creator Laurel Charleston curates the SuperTrans show at SuperRare including CryptoArtNet members samj and FEWOCiOUS.

A profile in Bitcoinist discusses the early struggles of FEWOCiOUS during a time many of us were getting to know them. Clears up some ambiguity around their identity at that time when they were still held back by family members.

SaveArtSpace will present a show of outside art in New York, curated by FEWOCiOUS, beginning June 13th.

FEWOCiOUS guest creative directs the Billboard cover for Pride month. This is so much bigger than most crypto art news.

brandi carlisle on the cover of billboard magazine

Billboard Pride Cover by FEWOCiOUS

Maxwell Cohen has an interesting take on the work of Frenetik Void. While cryptoartists Julian Brangold chats with Frenetik Void on MoCA’s Medium.

BruceTheGoose is deploying $DOWN.

Silky Way Art participated in the WOMEN AND NON-BINARY PHOTOGRAPHERS IN THE NFT SPACE EXHIBIT at P46GALLERY that can be seen online. Gixel X Florez was one of the curators.

Stina Jones participated in the Seneca Women Equality Collection drop on Nifty Gateway in April.

Martin Lukas Ostachowski Interview at NFT in America

Emotionull is telling the story of building the Phettaverse.

MoCA’s resident AI expert Karan4D debuts The Virtual Curator.

Moxarra Gonzalez is profiled in SuperRare Magazine.

Osinachi leads an Artsy feature on African NFT artists.

New Forum: Bård Ionson Discusses Crypto Culture, Custom Smart Contracts & How NFTs Empower Artists To Thrive

Bård Ionson and Gavin Shapiro partnered with the Dalbin Table NFT project.

desultor participated in a “420 FARMHOUSE collab release of 5 different physical street-wear hoodies with paired 3D-NFT art of the physical” hosted by

ROBNESS debuts his take on 10k PFP projects with Desktop Statue Systems.

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