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  • CryptoArtNet Updates: New NFT Art Releases, CryptoArtists on TwitterCryptoArtNet Updates: New NFT Art Releases, CryptoArtists on Twitter
    Art by Stefan Keller aka KELLEPICS from Pixabay I have a couple of updates at CryptoArtNet to announce. In particular, we now have a stream of new NFT art releases to which members can post. Hopefully this feature will get more attention on members’ art for sale. New NFT Art… Read more »
  • NFT Art Platforms Planned for Stacks 2.0 BlockchainNFT Art Platforms Planned for Stacks 2.0 Blockchain
    Blockstack PBC, under the direction of Muneeb Ali, has been developing the Stacks blockchain for a number of years. With the coming launch of Stacks 2.0, the project is moving forward with two key interrelated procedures, Proof of Transfer (PoX) and Stacking. In addition, a big bag of the STX… Read more »
  • CryptoArtists from Argentina on CryptoArtNetCryptoArtists from Argentina on CryptoArtNet
    I’ve been wanting to highlight the artists on CryptoArtNet from Argentina. Now seems like a great time given the CryptoArg collective drop currently available on Nifty Gateway. You can follow the collective on Twitter and on Instagram. Some but not all of these artists are on CryptoArtNet. And not all… Read more »
  • CryptoArt Assets: Uniswap Token List, Blockchain In Art, Crypto Art CollectingCryptoArt Assets: Uniswap Token List, Blockchain In Art, Crypto Art Collecting
    Though most of CryptoArtNet’s posts on cryptoart as an asset focuses on art NFTs, Ethereum blockchain-based tokens are also worth considering. CryptoArtNet’s Uniswap cryptoart token list is one effort to support those entering that realm. Of course, $WHALE and $RARI are both worth learning more about. Cryptoart investors and speculators… Read more »
  • CryptoArt News: New Projects and PlatformsCryptoArt News: New Projects and Platforms
    Despite the high cost of gas, new cryptoart projects and platforms have been launching all over the place. And, to spite the high cost of gas, one of the best is on a blockchain other than Ethereum. While some are temporarily stymied, cryptoart continues its forward motion. NFT Showroom Two… Read more »
  • CryptoArt Assets: Up and to the RightCryptoArt Assets: Up and to the Right
    SuperRare Sales Volume Increases 365% It’s speeding up! “The marketplace started the year with $344,000 in platform sales volume, but has seen that figure almost quadruple in seven months…” “Research analyst at Messari Crypto, Mason Nystrom, has plotted the growth charts, for SuperRare, and notes that collectors from 178 countries… Read more »
  • 5 Routes to Mainstreaming CryptoArt5 Routes to Mainstreaming CryptoArt
    Cryptoart going mainstream may not be as enjoyable as some hope. But it’s going to happen one way or another. So let’s say we want to encourage the process. Here are 5 intersecting routes to do so, all of which are already in motion. The most active route currently seems… Read more »
  • CryptoArtNet Launches CryptoArt Web DirectoryCryptoArtNet Launches CryptoArt Web Directory
    Away Directory by geralt aka Gerd Altmann via Pixabay This weekend I launched a simple resource, a link directory to web sites related to cryptoart, CryptoArt Web Directory. This is one of the reasons I queried folks on Twitter about what terms they use for the hybrid gallery/platform/marketplaces that are… Read more »
  • CryptoArt Wash Trading: Let the Buyer BewareCryptoArt Wash Trading: Let the Buyer Beware
    When you’re trying to figure out the potential long-term value of an artist’s work by considering various data points, you can as easily be led astray with cryptoart as with any other asset. Wash trading is a particular concern whether it’s done to directly manipulate prices or to create the… Read more »
  • CryptoArtists of Color at CryptoArtNetCryptoArtists of Color at CryptoArtNet
    We continue our Identity Series with CryptoArtists of Color at CryptoArtNet. Daïm Aggott-Hönsch and oculardelusion each suggested the topic separately which I thought was a great idea! The shortness of the list surprised me but I hope that will change. I would have expected the concept to include more people… Read more »

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