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  • CryptoArt Wash Trading: Let the Buyer BewareCryptoArt Wash Trading: Let the Buyer Beware
    When you’re trying to figure out the potential long-term value of an artist’s work by considering various data points, you can as easily be led astray with cryptoart as with any other asset. Wash trading is a particular concern whether it’s done to directly manipulate prices or to create the… Read more »
  • CryptoArtists of Color at CryptoArtNetCryptoArtists of Color at CryptoArtNet
    We continue our Identity Series with CryptoArtists of Color at CryptoArtNet. Daïm Aggott-Hönsch and oculardelusion each suggested the topic separately which I thought was a great idea! The shortness of the list surprised me but I hope that will change. I would have expected the concept to include more people… Read more »
  • CryptoArt: A New Asset Class EmergesCryptoArt: A New Asset Class Emerges
    Museum of Crypto Art Purchased Pak’s “Red” for 29.1262 Eth Recently I presented the perspective that current segmentation of NFT-related businesses tends to overlook the dominant presence of art and design which arguably undervalues the cryptoart market. Regardless of your take on such things, such models are an important element… Read more »
  • Is the CryptoArt Market Undervalued? Aren’t NFTs Mostly CryptoArt?Is the CryptoArt Market Undervalued? Aren’t NFTs Mostly CryptoArt?
    African Market by Sharonang via Pixabay In evaluating the cryptoart market, one typically separates cryptoart from other collectibles and related sectors of the NFT industry as a whole. The resulting analysis, based on data provided by NonFungible gives one a sense of the cryptoart market as relatively small, lagging behind… Read more »
  • CryptoArtNet Announces Second Wave of CryptoArtists Plus Increased $CRAC DistroCryptoArtNet Announces Second Wave of CryptoArtists Plus Increased $CRAC Distro
    Join the Second Wave at CryptoArtNet! CryptoArtNet’s first 13 members are dubbed the Baker’s Dozen. They and the rest of the first hundred are called Founding Members. As we head to 250 members, CryptoArtNet has decided to honor the next 150 as the Second Wave. At this point, we’re already… Read more »
  • CryptoArt News: Women of CryptoArtNetCryptoArt News: Women of CryptoArtNet
    Recent discussions on CryptoArt Twitter point to the need to support a stronger presence of women in cryptoart. While the cryptoart scene seems more welcoming to women overall than many tech domains, women make up only 20% of CryptoArtNet listings. Hopefully more discussion and action are ahead. For my part,… Read more »
  • CryptoArtNet Members at the Center of CryptoArt InnovationCryptoArtNet Members at the Center of CryptoArt Innovation
    A number of cryptoartists with CryptoArtNet listings have recently announced creative projects, many with other artists or cryptoart-related platforms. The following are example of such projects bringing innovation to cryptoart. Bård Ionson Lots happening at CADAF Online this weekend. Bård Ionson is introducing some innovative work including an update of… Read more »
  • CryptoArt News: CryptoArtNet Members Making MovesCryptoArt News: CryptoArtNet Members Making Moves
    This edition of CryptoArt News focuses on cryptoartists with CryptoArtNet listings. Last week we reached our goal of 100 Founding Artists a bit early. Originally expected by the end of June, new members kept on coming in and now we have a rich array of Artist listings where you can… Read more »
  • May CryptoArt News: It’s Raining Tokens!May CryptoArt News: It’s Raining Tokens!
    Welcome to the first edition of CryptoArtNet’s CryptoArt News Roundup. I start with acknowledging our own launch and then dive a bit into the growing social currency and personal token scene powered primarily by Roll. This isn’t limited to cryptoart and I stray a bit in covering the phenomenon. Generally… Read more »
  • CryptoArtNet Artists Directory Rolls Out CryptoArtCoin – $CRACCryptoArtNet Artists Directory Rolls Out CryptoArtCoin – $CRAC
    CryptoArtCoin – $CRAC Feel free to check out the  CryptoArtCoin landing page over at Roll but I also wanted to give people an explanation of what this new social currency is all about and what it means for artists with CryptoArtNet listings. CryptoArtCoin or $CRAC is launching as a social… Read more »

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