Artist Statement

Concerning my art, many times inspiration for a piece is an afterthought when I find a new tool/medium that I want to experiment with; other times an I see a piece and have to figure out how to best create it. I try to do things other’s haven’t done before; as an example, my ‘Music Is Art’ series, which are visual representations of music I’ve created.

Aside from cryptoart, I’m a blogger, an indie music maker, a creative writer and a web designer. Many of these skills will be getting implemented into my NFT’s in some form or another. To see more of my art, or to explore my blogs and music, you can follow the links on my linktree.

I’m also the founder of Dappgoose Labs; which will be the ‘business entity’ responsible for my continued interest in harnessing blockchain and crypto to aid in the democratization of the media industry. For more info on that, or to learn about more of what I’m up to in the NiFTiverse when I’m not making art, you can visit my linked website. I’m very passionate about creators having the ability to monetize their work and time without complicated terms or unrealistic requirements, as well as the continued progress of Web3 and decentralization of all the things.  My Roll currency is $FTHR; which can be used to redeem some of my art that isn’t available anywhere else, and I have a ‘freelance payment token’ tied to ETH, called $goose, issued on a bonding curve via meTokens. I’m also very excited about the blockchain gaming space, but rarely find time to play, and my PC is shitting itself, so I can only play so much. I also host a podcast called NF-Tea Time with BruceTheGoose, where I interview influential or up-and-coming people in the NFT space every week.

I’m always happy to network/collaborate with other creators who’ve found their way down the rabbit-hole, so feel free to get in touch!

About the Artist
Buffalo, NY, United States
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