Artist Statement

Artist EM! (ee-em-ai) is a Psychedelic Pop Fantasy artist whose mixed media works combine elements of painting, photography, collage and motion into digital modern art.

After earning several degrees in art school and practiced in various fields of visual arts including photography, graphic design, stage costumes, event produce, and installations, before shifting focus to digital art.

EM! currently lives and works in Melbourne, Australia and exhibits around the world including Australia, Japan, and Canada.

EM!’s work exudes “HAPPINESS” — the defining emotion constantly on the artist’s mind.

Rendered in each painting is an explosively fantastical world full of shroom-headed dancing figures, animals, UFOs, fish, flying carpets, cars, and portals to other realms.

EM! often draws visual references to the icons from other art historical genres, such as the twentieth-century European Surrealist paintings, Renaissance art, Japanese prints, and mid-century pin-up posters.

What brings these disparate elements together are EM!’s unique collage-painting technique and the artist’s command over mixed-perspective composition and colors. ​​

While clearly sharing aesthetic and generational characteristics with Pop Surrealism, EM!’s work stands out for her sensibility to render her imaginary world joyous and full of hope –– quite the opposite of the dark, apocalyptic imagination that pervades the previous century’s Surrealism and contemporary Pop Surrealism.

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