Artist Statement

Allbi is an artist with a lot of passion.

I am working mostly periodical on projects.
I did a lot of painting, graphic design, resinart (clear epoxy), (hand)painted and printed T-Shirts and some 3d printing.

I think NTF / digital art is the future of art ( although this is just the beginning.)

In my own works I like to experiment with possibillities of the materials, in this case the digital environment .
The main project I am working on now is called “digital reality”.
Playing with images in different ways using GAN-faces as basic.
I use and edit these faces to express my thoughts and feelings about the relation between humans and the digital world.
I hope the “
alienating” mix of real and unreal pictures shows that.I also did a few digital project refering to collectibles.
They called “Piece of the pie”, digital flowers and agates.
Doing also lot of experiments with digital animation called : doodles


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