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Justin, aka Bitjamin and/or DJSemiAtune.
I’m a self taught digital artist. Starting back in the MySpace days, I used to digital portraits as profile pictures for others, a way to make a couple bucks for pocket change, and do what I enjoyed, albeit not my content or subject matter of choosing.

Fast forward to myself stepping into the crypto space, overwhelmed with the show of it all. I was immediately deemed a ‘lesser artist’ which I warmly embraced, deeming myself a ‘Trash Artist,’ to embrace the creative community head on and let them know, even a ‘Trash Artist’ can do big things! My mantra to those new to this space, is create! Embrace! I never thought I would be able to make a living selling art, but I’ve sold ~40 pieces of work to date, and I’ve just been freely creating what I enjoy (and collecting some art too!)

I learn so much from the other creators in the space, and I’m always trying to push the limits of my work! I am blessed to have each and every supporter I’ve made thus far, and I welcome you to join me on this journey.

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