CryptoArtNet Launches Fundraising Campaign In Gitcoin Grants: NFT Category

Logo for CryptoArtNet - A colorful Letter CWe’re currently fundraising on Gitcoin Grants for expenses including hiring a WordPress dev!

CryptoArtNet is participating in Gitcoin Grants Round 9 in the NFT category.

The grant program went live today and runs through the 25th.

Note: Early donors are remarking on the gas fees. If you’d prefer a direct donation there’s info at the end of this post.

The CryptoArtNet grant proposal is for operating expenses and the hiring of a WordPress dev.

Fortunately we don’t need extensive services from the WordPress dev plus they’re cheaper to hire than Solidity devs!

But we do have a number of small tweaks that the theme and plugin creators have not been able to help us with and that are beyond my reach as a WordPress plugin wrangler.

Resolving these issues will improve the site but since they’re all a bit odd and with solutions that are not obvious, there is always the chance they will take more time than anticipated.

So we don’t have a set funding goal but I believe we will do just fine if a bunch of folks that want to support CryptoArtNet make small donations.

Small donations are matched in a process called quadratic funding which means that a lot of small amounts can lead to a larger funding match than will a few large grants.

I guess that’s decentralized crypto math?

In any case, I’m excited about trying this funding route which I think can be used periodically to take care of CryptoArtNet’s financial needs.

So please check out the grant request and do your part without having to empty your pockets!

And if you’d prefer to donate crypto directly or even make a tax deductible fiat donation in the U.S., please let me know via the CryptoArtNet Contact Form.

Currently, CryptoArtNet has a dedicated MetaMask wallet for Ethereum:

If needed, we can create wallets for other cryptocurrencies or establish a fiscal sponsor for tax deductible contributions.

Thanks for your support and let’s keep building our own new art world in NFT Land.

Your friend,
CryptoArtNet Founder Clyde F. Smith