NFT Art Releases Relaunches to Promote CryptoArt Available for Sale

women in rootlike forest with abstract root pattern on upper body

NFT Art Releases has relaunched to promote cryptoart available for sale from CryptoArtNet Members.

Current features include:

Posts by CryptoArtNet members of cryptoart available for sale;

A Twitter feed featuring a link to each post soon after posting;

Daily emails of fresh posts delivered each morning; and

An RSS feed of posts via CryptoArtNet or via FeedBurner.

Planned features:

Live links directly to art sales outlets in emails and RSS feed.

Front-end editing to correct or update posts.

Logged In Artists:

A simple posting form is available but is currently not editable. Please Contact CryptoArtNet if changes are needed.

Note: All needed links for CryptoArtNet business are now available at the bottom of each page via Member Options.

CryptoArtCoin To Pause CryptoArtNet Rewards Program

a gold colored C with swirls

In 2021, CryptoArtCoin holders will assume governance of CryptoArtCoin. Since CryptoArtCoin is not and will not become a governance token for CryptoArtNet, it seems appropriate to establish a clear separation between the two projects.

The history of the two has been intertwined and CryptoArtCoin is often referred to as CryptoArtNet’s social token. While a close relationship will continue and CryptoArtNet will provide support and promotional services for CryptoArtCoin, the future is open-ended beyond that relationship.

So, for the time being, CryptoArtNet will pause the process of awarding new members CryptoArtCoin at the end of this calendar year. Current members who have not claimed CryptoArtCoin may do so by year’s end at the level offered when they created a profile at CryptoArtNet. These rewards, part of a Proof of Participation program, may return after a decision-making process by CryptoArtCoin holders in early 2021.

Until now the governance of both CryptoArtNet and CryptoArtCoin have been operating under a sole proprietorship functioning on a continuum that ranges from Wise Shepherd to Mad King. You can call that one for yourself!

CryptoArtNet will continue under my direction and I will also oversee the process of CryptoArtCoin’s transition in early 2021. If CryptoArtCoin holders decide on a path that includes my involvement, I will continue to serve to the best of my abilities.

CryptoArtNet members know where to reach me with questions and comments and the CryptoArtNet Contact Form remains open despite its primary use as a conduit for sp@mmy business outreach.

Your Wise Shepherd/Mad King,
Clyde Smith

[Note: Golden CryptoArtCoin version of CryptoArtNet logo courtesy Jeff Davis.]

CryptoArtNet Awarded William M. Peaster $WHALE Grant

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[Image Courtesy DeFi Arts Intelligencer]

I am excited to announce that CryptoArtNet is the recipient of a generous William M. Peaster $WHALE Grant. Given that CryptoArtNet currently has no payroll, these funds will cover our operating expenses for some time as well as helping us move beyond “good enough” to higher quality services for the NFT art community. In addition, I’d like to sketch out the bigger picture for CryptoArtNet as context for our first funding event.

The $WHALE Grant

When William contacted me to let me know he was giving us a $WHALE Grant, I was delighted. It’s a very generous gesture that provides real support for CryptoArtNet and for myself. In the most basic sense, it means that CryptoArtNet is no longer funded out-of-pocket and decision making can be less restrained financially.

This grant is part of a larger program of $WHALE grants initiated by WhaleShark.Pro that began in August. The program has continued to grow and has been a way for members of the $Whale Community to support and engage a broader circle in the world of NFTs.

The $WHALE grant program is an excellent example of how community building can go beyond one’s individual walls and help grow the larger pie.

Roughly speaking, this grant is likely to fund:

A year of CryptoArtNet’s web expenses from hosting to WordPress plugins, such as the Directories Pro plugin powering our Directory of CryptoArtists, to additional third party services.

The cost of incorporating in early 2021. Currently CryptoArtNet is a sole proprietorship. Unless we find it likely that we will be taking on investors in 2021, an LLC seems the most practical path forward.

A low-cost press release to reach out to conventional media. We’ve gotten close to zero interest from crypto media outlets. I think that will change over time but a lot of these operations only see numbers and we don’t have big numbers yet. It’s time to expand our presence on the web beyond this limited neighborhood.

A modest chunk of $WHALE to use for liquidity when $CRAC officially launches beyond CryptoArtNet. $CRAC, aka CryptoArtCoin, is the social currency of CryptoArtNet with emerging aspirations to become a key token for the larger NFT art world. Plans are to list on a DEX in 2021. Being able to launch with support for $WHALE/$CRAC pairs would be a very cool thing.

The Bigger Picture

The above may sound like a lot for a single grant to accomplish but CryptoArtNet is a very lean organization. At this point, the primary constraint is my time since I do everything at CryptoArtNet. That will change as we move into 2021, The Year of $CRAC, and community members will have many opportunities to participate and help create our future.

For now, members are updating their profiles, spreading the word and posting new art releases on our extremely beta New NFT Art stream. $CRAC is dispersed for Proof of Participation and there will be many more such opportunities for community members to help grow the site and make The Year of $CRAC a big success!

I haven’t spoken much publicly about CryptoArtCoin, saving most such news for artists holding $CRAC, but my hope is that it can ultimately provide funding for CryptoArtNet as well as financial rewards for members.

My motivation, in addition to rewarding our work, is to have a form of funding directly related to CryptoArtNet membership that can set the stage for community ownership. I don’t know exactly what that looks like but I’m closely following developments from DAOs to governance tokens to coops to “exiting to community” as a theme.

If you’re in cryptoart and interested in such things, let’s talk. There’s room for investors but my experiences in that realm to date feel like Web 2.0 all over again and I’ve already been down that road.

New horizons beckon!

I believe CryptoArtNet can do a lot more for artists. The William M. Peaster $WHALE Grant is a big vote of confidence for that future and a very real and practical show of support.

So Who Is William M. Peaster?

If you’re very deep into NFTs and cryptoart you should be familiar with William. He is the leading business writer in the NFT and cryptoart space both in terms of quality and knowledge.

Peaster’s a very busy writer. His DeFi Arts Intelligencer newsletter is a key read. He’s also currently the writer behind TokenSmart’s weekly newsletter which comes from the nft42 fam. They’re a nice pair if you’re trying to keep up with the rapid pace of change in NFT arts land.

Peaster can also be found on Twitter as well as Cent.

And if you’re looking for high quality work, here is his writing portfolio.

Thanks So Much!

I want to not only thank William but also the cryptoart community as a whole. To be honest, I was on my way out of web publishing when cryptoart drew me in as both an artist and web publisher.

The generosity and friendliness of so many folks in the scene has made 2020 quite rewarding despite the pandemic. It’s crazy to have found something so perfect for this time at just the right time.

Cryptoartists and NFT art are not just resilient. This early stage of development has shown us to be antifragile with bigger and better things ahead.

I look forward to making the journey with all of you!

CryptoArtNet Updates: New NFT Art Releases, CryptoArtists on Twitter

women in rootlike forest with abstract root pattern on upper body

Art by Stefan Keller aka KELLEPICS from Pixabay

I have a couple of updates at CryptoArtNet to announce. In particular, we now have a stream of new NFT art releases to which members can post. Hopefully this feature will get more attention on members’ art for sale.

New NFT Art Releases

All members can now post one announcement a day of new cryptoart releases or of related events.

It looks pretty cool already. I want to pull the pinned tweet once people know what’s up so there’s art at the beginning of the feed.

One of the nice things about New NFT Art Releases is that it gives one an easy way to keep up with new art across platforms without all the noise of Twitter. I do love Twitter but it makes it hard to keep up with art sometimes.

However, I want to see if I can set up a Twitter feed for the posts. I think I can also set up social media sharing links. So there’s more to come.

The plugin I’m using is a social network plugin from Peepso. It has a lot of other capabilities but I’ve hesitated to launch a social network given that we have things like Twitter and Discord.

You can find more of the features of Peepso here. I’ve got all the add-ons, from a previous project that imploded, and you can find additional features under the Plugins menu or by clicking on screen navigation elements.

Here are some questions I have for you along with contact points and markup tips. If you want something, tell me about it!

I’d be happy to hear from non-members, including collectors, about any features that would be helpful such as non-member accounts for commenting as well as such features as direct messaging, etc.

CryptoArtists on Twitter

I also added a stream from the CryptoArtNet Artists list on Twitter.

Basically anytime anybody completes an Artist Listing on CryptoArtNet I add their Twitter account to the list. It is a good place to find new art but it has a lot of other stuff as well.

William M. Peaster $WHALE Grant

So CryptoArtNet and I received a quite generous William M. Peaster $WHALE Grant!

I’m writing a separate post about how that changes the game in important ways for CryptoArtNet and myself and will link when that’s done.

Till then, check out William’s Twitter account and his awesome newsletter DeFi Arts Intelligencer.

Thanks William!

CryptoArtNet Launches CryptoArt Web Directory

Colorful abstract background with two arrow signs pointing left and rigth

Away Directory by geralt aka Gerd Altmann via Pixabay

This weekend I launched a simple resource, a link directory to web sites related to cryptoart, CryptoArt Web Directory.

This is one of the reasons I queried folks on Twitter about what terms they use for the hybrid gallery/platform/marketplaces that are central to cryptoart practice.

To be honest, people held such divergent opinions about terminology that I just went with my own preferences that fit as well as any other. But the discussion is worth checking out because folks went deeper than simply clarifying usage.

The web directory is meant to be as simple and practical as possible. Now that it’s launched I can add links and new categories as needed.

I think both newcomers and folks who simply want to check in for resources they haven’t yet encountered will find it of use.

If you have a suggestion for a resource, please use this form to let me know about it.