CryptoArtNet to Present at the Blockchain Game Alliance Demo Day

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In 2020 CryptoArtNet founder Clyde F. Smith joined the Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA) as an individual member for a couple of reasons. In particular, he hoped to spread the word about CryptoArtNet to folks in blockchain gaming. The return of BGA’s Demo Day has created just that opportunity.

Smith has long been interested in the primacy of art in NFT Land. One of his early blog posts for Crypto Art News asked the question, “Aren’t NFTs Mostly Cryptoart?” Meant, in part, as a provocation, the post also addressed the fact that many blockchain games centered around art. For example, one might consider CryptoKitties a game designed to produce art NFTs.

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The upcoming BGA Demo Day gives CryptoArtNet a chance to introduce itself to the blockchain gaming community. This revival of a popular event will take place the last Friday of every month beginning January 29th.

The event will be broadcast live on YouTube. It is a free event but you can register via Eventbrite and be included in the competition for prizes and airdrops.

The January 29th edition of BGA Demo Day kicks off at 10 am Eastern U.S. time which is 4 pm CET. CryptoArtNet is currently scheduled for 11:05 am Eastern time but come early and check out a rich assortment of demos.

You can also follow @BGameAlliance via Twitter.