CryptoArtCoin To Pause CryptoArtNet Rewards Program

a gold colored C with swirls

In 2021, CryptoArtCoin holders will assume governance of CryptoArtCoin. Since CryptoArtCoin is not and will not become a governance token for CryptoArtNet, it seems appropriate to establish a clear separation between the two projects.

The history of the two has been intertwined and CryptoArtCoin is often referred to as CryptoArtNet’s social token. While a close relationship will continue and CryptoArtNet will provide support and promotional services for CryptoArtCoin, the future is open-ended beyond that relationship.

So, for the time being, CryptoArtNet will pause the process of awarding new members CryptoArtCoin at the end of this calendar year. Current members who have not claimed CryptoArtCoin may do so by year’s end at the level offered when they created a profile at CryptoArtNet. These rewards, part of a Proof of Participation program, may return after a decision-making process by CryptoArtCoin holders in early 2021.

Until now the governance of both CryptoArtNet and CryptoArtCoin have been operating under a sole proprietorship functioning on a continuum that ranges from Wise Shepherd to Mad King. You can call that one for yourself!

CryptoArtNet will continue under my direction and I will also oversee the process of CryptoArtCoin’s transition in early 2021. If CryptoArtCoin holders decide on a path that includes my involvement, I will continue to serve to the best of my abilities.

CryptoArtNet members know where to reach me with questions and comments and the CryptoArtNet Contact Form remains open despite its primary use as a conduit for sp@mmy business outreach.

Your Wise Shepherd/Mad King,
Clyde Smith

[Note: Golden CryptoArtCoin version of CryptoArtNet logo courtesy Jeff Davis.]