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I’m 25 years old, a young man,with a heart to be extraordinary .Around 2012, I started to touch the area of BTC . Thereafter began to pay attention to NFT in 2017. so I have an inexplicable sense of intimacy to encryption culture. In college I began to write articles and have been outputting values to express my ideas all the time. Till I discovered the concept of NFT, I was deeply attracted, by which I could express whatever I want in the form of NFT.

I believe that NFT is a new type of artistic expression, also it can ensure the rights and interests of the creators.Besides , Imagine that hundreds of years later, the blockchain still records the moment of its birth and the collectors to whom it was transferred. This is amazing!

While the recent digital currency market has suffered, and I have lost more than 2.4 million RMB. This make me fall into a depressed mood. Yet I figure out a way to relieve, that is to make a great deal of money!

I was hoping to earn a high income by selling NFT works. So I set myself a small goal to get 10000 eth. Which of course, is a crazy idea. I don’t know whether it can be realized o not, but I will 100% try my best. In addition, I wish to become the top 3 encryption artist of the world and the top 1 of China. And for all these , I will fight silently till the end,always。

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