Artist Statement

TechMental has strategically built a reputation for marketing and designing websites, graphic arts and street art for over two decades from an undisclosed tropical bunker off the shores of Biscayne Boulevard.

The Web has evolved from the dark days of 14K chatrooms into a metaverse of decentralize fundamentals, and as an established pixel pusher – the constant rediscovery of fresh avenues for creating mix media projects that represent a brand or a corporation is key for web supremacy. The satisfaction of producing digital media for a greater purpose beyond the commercial facade of the Internet encompassed with a decentralize opus, enriches the freedom of raw creativity.

The Crypto Art that TechMental continues to push forward engages the boundaries of an architectural symmetry between the author and the token holder. A mere reflection of its imaginary topography rooted from an organic society, whilst against the grain of the mundane.

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