Artist Statement

Crypto Artist from Belgrade, Serbia. With a degree in graphic design but 3d art is my main passion.

One element I like to express throughout my artworks is the “Ethereal” idea. Ether or the Ethereal world is a world with no space and time sometimes dark but certainly mysterious and beautiful. It is not determined by me whether it is a dangerous domain but there is always a slight feeling of existential dread when you happen to be inside of it. One the other side it is a charming world full of vibrant colors that makes you want to stay and explore it forever.

Other than that, for rest of the artworks sometimes I like to add comedic feel or just an absurd title that has a word-play inside of it. I would define these kind of artworks as: Making the uncanny arrangements of the mundane. I do also have third type of artworks which have to do with paranormal factor and visitors from outer space. I definitely like to have variety of ideas and concepts at my domain and try to stay original. In the end concepts are way more important to me than technical 3d skills or anything else. That concludes all. Hope you  check out my artworks and find them interesting!

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