Artist Statement
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Void Constructor, release 1 of 16 in my new abstract series called “Planed Fields of Oblivion” where we explore the concept of nothingness.
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Amber tones suggest a warm landing spot for our minds eye… if we have arrived at nothing, then how are we to return from it? The void for one is the world for another, and if that is true, then did we ever really arrive at nothing to begin with? Perhaps it says more about you, than me.
High Resolution, 320DPI. Print suggestion is flat surface (metalic/canvas) 10″x13″ with no printing on the sides of the canvas. This is what will allow you to arrange all of the pieces into the superset.
Show me proof you have purchased all 16 pieces that will eventually release here and Ill show you the superset. Attached is a small scavenger hunt which will reveal the position of this piece in the superset.


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