Wanda Oliver

Artist Statement

I am an experimental photographer living and working in northeast Texas. My work is centered in a sense of wonder and curiosity. I find deep fulfillment in processes that live just beyond the edge of my control, giving rise to interactions that are untamed, imprinting their own energetic force in the resulting images. In an ever evolving dance with light, chemistry, physics, and technology, I seek to communicate shared human experience and emotion by creating images that speak to the heart. When I was a child, I would walk about our farm on spring days singing ‘hosannas’. These were just made up vocals arising from the enormous bounty of pure joy I felt at being alive. As an adult, it is hard to find that pureness of spirit, but in my work I find something akin to it. I hope to capture an ephemeral wisp of the intangible and share it, as two children might press their heads together to gaze in awe at something captured in a cupped hand.

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