Artist Statement

Not going to bore you with my entire life story of how I got into making pictures on my computer, because no one cares…

I’m a growing digital 3D artist, and designer based in Detroit.

Most of my art has a dark and eerie horror theme to it while giving off a videogame-esque, stylized feel with realistic qualities (basically a clever way to say I’m bad and like old horror VHS covers too much).

My artwork is the child of my mind basically, know all of my personal work has some deep meaning most people won’t understand nor get while looking at it, but I’m content with that. I make my artwork for myself and myself only, literally. I make artwork inspired by the stories, music, and film I love that way I can pay homage to what made me who I am while putting my own spin on it. Sometimes I find people who like the same things I do, and like my art. That’s all I really care about.

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