Artist Statement

A lifelong artist that transitioned professionally into graphic design, brand management and marketing. I’ve spent most of my life working in non-profit education, non-profit healthcare, or the beverage industry (beer and cider). Eventually these avenues started draining the creativity from art and I completely abandoned practicing traditional art in any regular or meaningful way. It left me miserable and unfulfilled.

I’ve always had more of “graphic” style drawing heavily on traditional printmaking, pop-culture and graphic design. It’s been this approach that can have a lighter visual feeling if not outright playful while trying to combine more serious messaging. I’ve always looked at art as a “connective tissue” between experience and emotion and the visual experience. While that underlying objective will always be a part of my work another wrinkle was added with the birth of my daughter. Since her birth I’ve used art and visual communication as a bonding experience.

The beauty of unexpected endeavors made me realize how much we lose through aging in our own artistic processes. I’ve learned to appreciate the abstract and gestural in ways I never imagined. Getting to experience art with and through my daughter reignited a lost passion for art and experimentation that into the pandemic. While many have struggled immensely during COVID it gave me a chance to refocus and rededicate myself to art, to get to experience and enjoy art as a pursuit rather than a job.

This proverbial rebirth makes we want to push to use this graphic style to tackle some difficult personal topics in the future.

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