Artist Statement

Aleksey Yalovega, alias “Yalo” is a digital artist based in Ukraine. He has classical art education and participated in a lot of exhibitions. Over many years of creative career, he worked in the genres of performance, painting, graphics, mosaics, airbrushing, installations, video art, photography. In the past few years, he has been actively developing in the field of digital and crypto art.

Yalo tries different techniques, and he’s looking for new ways of artistic expression.

Digital art allows you to use multiple channels simultaneously. Image, video / animation, audio, 3D, VR, the gaming industry … As a modern artist, Aleksey considers it necessary to use modern tools, move to new levels, look for new ways of self-expression.

With the help of art he wants to expand the boundaries of consciousness. Yalo is exploring global topics such as ‘who are we?’ ‘what is the meaning of our life?’ as well as the interaction of people, the coexistence of different energy levels in one space.

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