Artist Statement

There are two sides of me, on the one hand the rational part, trying to connect as many dots as possible and on the other, the emotional part creating a fusion of who knows what. This two resonate differently to the inside and outside world, but they coexist.

My work is the result of scanning, analyzing and criticizing the constructs formed in my perception. I’m researching these worlds, to find the happenings inside and around me. To find meaning in the person as an individual and as a part of society.

The world I’m creating is mostly made up by my imagination and doesn’t always visually represent the everyday world we live in. However, it includes the ideas and viewpoints derived from the experiences of interaction with this everyday world around.

On my way of creation, I constantly try to find new diverse mediums, techniques and contexts. There are so many… and I really enjoy mixing and experimenting. Now with the new possibilities of cryptoart the paradigm of the creative community shapes a new context, which I am thrilled to explore.

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