CryptoArtNet Founder Clyde F. Smith Launches NFT Entrepreneur: A Business Newsletter

letters NFTs in pink on a reddish purple backgroundNFTs are popular! Newsletters are popular! So why not an NFT business newsletter?

Earlier this year I launched NFT Entrepreneur, a newsletter and related website focused on the business of NFTs.

At the time I was exploring a number of writing options related to NFT business news and analysis.

Now that I’ve settled in, I wanted to officially share the news.

The NFT Entrepreneur website also includes notices of my writing for The Defiant on a variety of cryptoart and NFT-related topics.

You can also find NFT Entrepreneur on Twitter and LinkedIn.

See you there!

NFT Topics covered at NFT Entrepreneur include:

AcquisitionsArt ~ Assets ~ Business Strategy ~ Funding ~ Investment Funds ~ Law
Marketing ~ Media ~ Real Estate ~ Social Media ~ StartupsStocks ~ Trading

CryptoArtNet Launches Fundraising Campaign In Gitcoin Grants: NFT Category

Logo for CryptoArtNet - A colorful Letter CWe’re currently fundraising on Gitcoin Grants for expenses including hiring a WordPress dev!

CryptoArtNet is participating in Gitcoin Grants Round 9 in the NFT category.

The grant program went live today and runs through the 25th.

Note: Early donors are remarking on the gas fees. If you’d prefer a direct donation there’s info at the end of this post.

The CryptoArtNet grant proposal is for operating expenses and the hiring of a WordPress dev.

Fortunately we don’t need extensive services from the WordPress dev plus they’re cheaper to hire than Solidity devs!

But we do have a number of small tweaks that the theme and plugin creators have not been able to help us with and that are beyond my reach as a WordPress plugin wrangler.

Resolving these issues will improve the site but since they’re all a bit odd and with solutions that are not obvious, there is always the chance they will take more time than anticipated.

So we don’t have a set funding goal but I believe we will do just fine if a bunch of folks that want to support CryptoArtNet make small donations.

Small donations are matched in a process called quadratic funding which means that a lot of small amounts can lead to a larger funding match than will a few large grants.

I guess that’s decentralized crypto math?

In any case, I’m excited about trying this funding route which I think can be used periodically to take care of CryptoArtNet’s financial needs.

So please check out the grant request and do your part without having to empty your pockets!

And if you’d prefer to donate crypto directly or even make a tax deductible fiat donation in the U.S., please let me know via the CryptoArtNet Contact Form.

Currently, CryptoArtNet has a dedicated MetaMask wallet for Ethereum:

If needed, we can create wallets for other cryptocurrencies or establish a fiscal sponsor for tax deductible contributions.

Thanks for your support and let’s keep building our own new art world in NFT Land.

Your friend,
CryptoArtNet Founder Clyde F. Smith

CryptoArtNet Offers Entry To Emerging Crypto Art Market for Digital Artists, Collectors and Traders

two women click glasses as fireworks explode in background

New Beginnings by squirterer

[Press Release Originally Published at PR Web, January 5th]

The emergence of the crypto art ecosystem offers a new market for digital artists, collectors and traders. Now art investing is no longer limited to physical forms. The creation of the NFT enables digital art works to be uniquely identified, offered for sale and treated as an investment. CryptoArtNet provides an entry point to this new art market.

Digital Art Collectibles Are Known As Crypto Art NFTs

Crypto art refers to any form of digital art that has an associated NFT or non-fungible token which functions as a certificate of authenticity. Using the NFT, one can buy and sell digital art on a variety of platforms that merge art gallery and trading floor. This new crypto art market is showing surprising growth in a few short years of existence.

Artists at all levels of development receive new sources of income as well as becoming part of a unique community. Collectors find engaging artwork at price points ranging from a few dollars to six figures. For those seeking to profit from art trades, secondary markets offer an increasingly profitable opportunity. To artists’ surprise, many of these secondary markets also offer royalties to artists on all resales.

2019 Infinite Hydro Colonies by Gisel X Florez

How Does One Enter the World of Crypto Art?

Getting started in crypto art can be a bit confusing for artists and traders alike. The platforms and marketplaces rely on emergent blockchain technology and rapid innovation means there is much to learn.

The available options for buying and selling crypto art are quite diverse ranging from high-end platforms like Nifty Gateway and SuperRare to wild and woolly marketplaces like Rarible. And the range of artists is even broader from absolute beginners to professionals with decades of experience prior to crypto art.

Let CryptoArtNet Be Your Guide

CryptoArtNet is the first directory of crypto artists creating digital art NFTs and an excellent source of information for beginners and professionals alike.

CryptoArtNet resources include:

Crypto Artists Directory with gallery images and links to crypto art sales galleries.

NFT Art Releases offering the latest art for sale from CryptoArtNet Member Artists.

Crypto Art on Twitter featuring a combined feed of CryptoArtNet Members Twitter accounts.

The Crypto Art Web Directory with links to introductory guides, diverse platforms and useful tools.

CryptoArtNet’s services are free to both artists and collectors and additional features are in the works. With the help of CryptoArtNet, digital artists, collectors and traders can achieve greater success through deeper knowledge of the artists and ecosystem.

About CryptoArtNet

CryptoArtNet is headquartered in Chattanooga, Tennessee. It was launched in April 2020 by Clyde F. Smith as a passion project to support the emerging crypto art scene. As the commercial components of this new ecosystem continue to grow, Smith has decided to seek nonprofit status for CryptoArtNet to solidify its role in support of artists functioning in a new marketplace.

CryptoArtNet can be followed on Twitter at @cryptoartnet.

Art Credits: Video by Gisel X Florez, Digital Painting by squirterer

CryptoArtNet to Present at the Blockchain Game Alliance Demo Day

colorful text announcing demo day

In 2020 CryptoArtNet founder Clyde F. Smith joined the Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA) as an individual member for a couple of reasons. In particular, he hoped to spread the word about CryptoArtNet to folks in blockchain gaming. The return of BGA’s Demo Day has created just that opportunity.

Smith has long been interested in the primacy of art in NFT Land. One of his early blog posts for Crypto Art News asked the question, “Aren’t NFTs Mostly Cryptoart?” Meant, in part, as a provocation, the post also addressed the fact that many blockchain games centered around art. For example, one might consider CryptoKitties a game designed to produce art NFTs.

homepage images from demo day participants

The upcoming BGA Demo Day gives CryptoArtNet a chance to introduce itself to the blockchain gaming community. This revival of a popular event will take place the last Friday of every month beginning January 29th.

The event will be broadcast live on YouTube. It is a free event but you can register via Eventbrite and be included in the competition for prizes and airdrops.

The January 29th edition of BGA Demo Day kicks off at 10 am Eastern U.S. time which is 4 pm CET. CryptoArtNet is currently scheduled for 11:05 am Eastern time but come early and check out a rich assortment of demos.

You can also follow @BGameAlliance via Twitter.




Asia-Based Crypto Artists Invited to Participate in Crypto Art Week Asia

abstract black and white image with name of event in blue

Time is running short for Asia-based Crypto Artists to participate in Crypto Art Week Asia taking place in Singapore and the Metaverse, January 20 through 30 with events kicking off on the 22nd.

Artists may apply here.

Official Twitter: @cryptoartasia

Official Website:

The aim is to build a stronger art cryptoart scene in Asia. Anyone is permitted to put on an event or host a showing so long as it meets our Code of Conduct. Reach out on Discord for more information and to get your gallery or event listed.

Though in no way affiliated, we aim to capitalize on the heightened art awareness in Singapore, by running in parallel with Singapore Art Week. Our HQ in Singapore will be the beautiful and cool Kult Yards, near China Town. Known for it’s connection to the underground music and art scene. We will be projecting all the artworks on the weekends of the 22/23 and 29/30 January.

Build Your Own Gallery!

tweet describing build your own gallery opportunity

There are many ways to participate and join in the event even if you aren’t based in Asia. Check out the official website for ways you can help as an artist, platform, metaverse property owner or collector.

Created by @radarboy3000!

NFT Art Releases Relaunches to Promote CryptoArt Available for Sale

women in rootlike forest with abstract root pattern on upper body

NFT Art Releases has relaunched to promote cryptoart available for sale from CryptoArtNet Members.

Current features include:

Posts by CryptoArtNet members of cryptoart available for sale;

A Twitter feed featuring a link to each post soon after posting;

Daily emails of fresh posts delivered each morning; and

An RSS feed of posts via CryptoArtNet or via FeedBurner.

Planned features:

Live links directly to art sales outlets in emails and RSS feed.

Front-end editing to correct or update posts.

Logged In Artists:

A simple posting form is available but is currently not editable. Please Contact CryptoArtNet if changes are needed.

Note: All needed links for CryptoArtNet business are now available at the bottom of each page via Member Options.

CryptoArtCoin To Pause CryptoArtNet Rewards Program

a gold colored C with swirls

In 2021, CryptoArtCoin holders will assume governance of CryptoArtCoin. Since CryptoArtCoin is not and will not become a governance token for CryptoArtNet, it seems appropriate to establish a clear separation between the two projects.

The history of the two has been intertwined and CryptoArtCoin is often referred to as CryptoArtNet’s social token. While a close relationship will continue and CryptoArtNet will provide support and promotional services for CryptoArtCoin, the future is open-ended beyond that relationship.

So, for the time being, CryptoArtNet will pause the process of awarding new members CryptoArtCoin at the end of this calendar year. Current members who have not claimed CryptoArtCoin may do so by year’s end at the level offered when they created a profile at CryptoArtNet. These rewards, part of a Proof of Participation program, may return after a decision-making process by CryptoArtCoin holders in early 2021.

Until now the governance of both CryptoArtNet and CryptoArtCoin have been operating under a sole proprietorship functioning on a continuum that ranges from Wise Shepherd to Mad King. You can call that one for yourself!

CryptoArtNet will continue under my direction and I will also oversee the process of CryptoArtCoin’s transition in early 2021. If CryptoArtCoin holders decide on a path that includes my involvement, I will continue to serve to the best of my abilities.

CryptoArtNet members know where to reach me with questions and comments and the CryptoArtNet Contact Form remains open despite its primary use as a conduit for sp@mmy business outreach.

Your Wise Shepherd/Mad King,
Clyde Smith

[Note: Golden CryptoArtCoin version of CryptoArtNet logo courtesy Jeff Davis.]

Please Support CryptoArt Community-Centered Artist BruceTheGoose

[Want to help? Skip to the end of the post for details about the cryptoart benefit auction and related sales now taking place on Sunday December 20 at 2 pm Eastern Time.]

Yesterday morning many of us became aware that cryptoartist BruceTheGoose had experienced a major loss after his wallet was hacked.

So please don’t send donations to any ETH address you have for him until he announces a new one!

screenshot of tweet

The loss was considerable:

screenshot of tweet

So WTF is BruceTheGoose and Why Should I Care?

Glad you asked. BruceTheGoose is an OG cryptoartist and by that I don’t just mean he’s been creating and promoting his own art since the early days. He’s done a heck of a lot to build the scene from which all cryptoartists can now benefit.

For example, as he states in his CryptoArtNet profile (where you can find many links to his online/cryptoart presence):

Recently, and without actually intending to, I founded what I believe is the world’s first blockchain-native LGBTQ+ initiative. Initially the intention was simply to have a Pride parade in the Metaverse while the world is shut down, but it was met with so much encouragement and appreciation that it would’ve felt like a disservice to everyone involved had we not made something more out of it.

We’re still solidifying things, and figuring out the best method of supporting / promoting queer creators in the NFT space, as well as aiming to bring more traditional artists into the Metaverse; but at present we have a gallery in CV and an NFT minting contract that are accessible to any LGBTQ+ creators that want to utilize them. More info can be found at the Nifty Pride website. We’re also formulating tokenomics and HODL’ing incentives for our native token, $FAB (Fabulous Funds).

Among other things, BruceTheGoose is also:

Someone who’s been supportive of a wide range of projects, people and initiatives including Untitled, the “first generalized NFT focused hackathon”. He also gave advice and information to many of the projects which resulted;

The first independent artist to create artwork for Wildcards, a cryptoart organization raising funds for conservation;

Possibly the first ordained minister offering Metaverse wedding ceremonies. While this was initially another way of supporting LGBTQ+ individuals in the space, his services are open to anyone unable to have a traditional wedding as the pandemic continues;

Currently building NFThub as a free resource for the larger NFT community.

Not surprisingly, his fellow cryptoartists responded strongly to his loss including Rogan X who is organizing a benefit cryptoart auction for Wednesday, December 16:

screengrab of tweet

Check the comments from the above tweet for responses from many of the 20 artists who have already pledged or donated pieces for the auction.

The response has been strong and we’re just getting started:

BruceTheGoose soon endorsed the effort and thanked all those giving their support:

screenshot of tweet

Information About the Benefit

Details are still being solidified but here’s what we know.

The benefit auction has been rescheduled for Sunday, December 20th, 2 pm Eastern Time and will take place at danil pan‘s Art Gallery Auction House on Telegram.

Rogan X pledges to continue the auction until BruceTheGoose’s losses are restored or Rogan X collapses!

If you’d like to donate art, please send it to roganx.eth:

After bids for art are accepted, there may be a delay in receipt. Rogan X will be waiting for low gwei to reduce TXN costs.

Contact Rogan X directly with questions about the auction.

Breaking News: Mintable is offering support:

screenshot of tweet

And KnownOrigin is also participating:

screenshot of tweet

More updates to follow. This is even bigger than an auction!

I’ll be donating art. Will you?

CryptoArt News: Media Appearances by CryptoArtNet Members

This edition of CryptoArt News focuses on recent coverage of CryptoArtNet members mostly from the last two months. I have to say I was a bit surprised to see that some of the main media outlets covering cryptoartists predominantly featured CryptoArtNet members during this time. We’re still less than 300 members but we punch way above our weight!

This is a very stripped down version with links to member listings and to the articles or video sources. Subsections are in no particular order. There’s so much here I just cut and pasted and left it at that.


#ArtProject2020 – Women Leading the Art and Tech Movement
Featuring Sarah Zucker and Angie Taylor

Daniel Crowley: Adventures in NFTs — An Interview with Kristy Glas

Sunstar Davao: Star of her own canvas
Vyannka Pauline Balasabas aka squirterer

NBC News featuring Lawrence Lee and Matt Kane
How blockchain technology reached Christie’s and changed the art world along the way


Async Edition

Sam Brukhman on Kitty Bast and Cultbitz
Kitty Bast x Cultbitz

William M. Peaster on Bard Ionson
Transcendence in “The Gate”
Distortion Genius: Bard Ionson, a Singular Artist for a New Age


Ann Marie Alanes Interviews CryptoArtists

Paola Castillo: How Digital Artists Succeed With Cryptoart, Acknowledging Black Artists & How To Treat Collectors

YouTube: Videos

Featuring Paola Castillo and Fabin Rasheed


Known Origin

Clyde F. Smith aka Flux ArtGuest Editor
Featuring Kitty Bast, CECHK, squirterer, Nadart

karan4dArtist Spotlight

Tierras RarasArtist Spotlight

defiantsquidArtist Spotlight

This Giddy FutureArtist Spotlight


Behind the Screens with Serena Tabacchi
An Interview Series from Known Origin and MoCDA

Behind the Screens with Lawrence Lee

Behind the Screens with Sparrow, Gisel X Florez and Angie Taylor

Behind the Screens with CECHK and Kitty Bast

Behind the Screens with Karan


Josie Bellini: Behind the Art – Season 2

Fewocious – Behind the Art with Josie #27

YouTube: Season 2 Playlist

Appearances by Fabin Rasheed, Giant Swan, parrottism, Fewocious, Pr1mal Cypher


SuperRare Editorial

Bard Ionson: Am I an Artist? Journey to SuperRare

Fakito: Argentinian Gen-Z

Fakito: from a Hobby to a Job

Milton Sanz: Alone with myself

SR Interview with Milton Sanz: Between Darkness and Light

Okytomo: Ruins

Luno aka twoclicks: Boing, boing (and a LA) — Postmortem

Rutger van der Tas: From Rembrandt to Golden Girl

Studio Nouveau – Mist

Studio Nouveau
Crypto Music: A Way Forward for the Music Industry

parrott_ism: Inside Down, Upside Out

FEWOCiOUS: Figuring out Who I Am

Yusaymon: from Streets to SuperRare

An Exploration of High Weirdness: Interviewing Sarah Zucker

Julian Brangold: Aesthetic of Uncanny Realism


Can’t Get Enough? Subscribe to CryptoArtNews!

BitBasel CryptoArt Event Debuts With Miami Vice Themed NFT Art Contest

neon image of palm tree

Miami Cryptocurrency Community Hosts First Ever BitBasel Art Event in Wynwood

“Miami, a hub of music, art, culture and technology, where beauty and innovation merge. And no better place than Wynwood, Miami’s Art District to celebrate the NFT and CryptoArt Revolution.”

CryptoArtist and NFT Curator, Johnny Dollar

BitBasel takes place December 5th, 2020 from 6pm to Midnight, Miami Time!

Art Basel may be canceled but the spirit of Miami Art Week continues. The Miami Crypto community will gather on December 5th to host BitBasel, a hybrid in-person and live-streamed gallery showcasing the latest and greatest in the CryptoArt world.

The event will take place at Bitmining market, a Bitcoin Cafe located in the heart of Wynwood, and will feature the top influencers and artists from the cryptocurrency industry experimenting with a new medium of digital art named Non Fungible Tokens (NFT).

NFT Gallery Featuring CryptoArt by such artists as:

Coldie 3d

Alotta Money

Max Osiris

Matt Kane

Gary Cartlidge

Robness Cyberpop

Johnny Dollar

Gus GG

lulu xXX

Franky Nines


[Links to CryptoArtNet Listing pages]

Plus Live Painting by Johnny Dollar!


neon colored palm lined avenue with leaping dolphin in distance

NFT Art Contest – Theme: Miami Vice

Bitbasel is holding a ‘Miami Vice’ themed NFT contest in support of local Miami not for profits and other crypto-friendly charities. Top submissions will also win cash prizes!

Deadline Extended!

Submit your digital art piece here by December 3rd at 11:59 pm, Miami Time!

BitBasel Panels and Events Include:

Gallery Panel

The illustrious purveyors of ecstasy for the eyes – Curators of cutting edge art. The act of displaying, promoting and selling digital art assets.

Jason Rosenstein Co-Founder at, Kate Vass Founder at Kate Vass Gallery,
David Moore Co Founder at KnownOrigin
Beatriz Helena Ramos Creator of DADA

Marketplace Panel

The Modern Bazaar – Crypto art is booming, learn how you can discover the hottest new and established artists from the comfort your computer screen.

Devin Finzer Co-Founder at Open Sea
Alexander Salnikov Co-Founder at Rarible
James Waugh Community Manager at Near
Roham Gharegozlou CEO at Dapper Labs
Jesse Johnson Creator of Aavegotchi

Artists Panel

Avant Garde Artists, Digitally Scarce NFT’s – Creators of Wow! Artists who utilize cutting edge technology to showcase their art globally.

Rares Krilla
Frankie Nines

Hybrid Event

Join us online or in person for networking and drinks. Bringing back Miami’s great crypto events in a hybrid manner, chat in person or online.

Get Your Tickets!

FREE Online Sign-up gets you access to the virtual stream full of education and influencers in the digital art space plus the first 50 people to sign up will get the award winning Miami Vice theme NFT and everyone after 50 will be entered in for your chance to win.

For more info: ~ Twitter: @bitbaselmiami

[Post based on promo material from BitBasel and Johnny Dollar]

Art Tech Music Brings NFT Art to Miami Art Week 2020

subdued saturated colors with art tech music logo and text

Official Announcement for Art Tech Music
See Event Site for Updates!


DATES: 4-6 December 2020

LOCATION: Online & VR:
Blockchain UniVRse World in AltspaceVR

PARTNERS: XR LABS Miami, ArtServe,
VIR Spaces, WOCA,

CURATORS: LUVRworldwide & The Bad Lament

VR Gallery Powered By: Bits and Tokens



Bringing together some of the top crypto artists from around the world, this mixed media event taking place over 3-days in Virtual Reality(VR) highlights the intersection of music and art, capturing the excitement of NFTs (Non Fungible Token) and XR (Extended Reality). With a curated selection of NFT artwork and music, the exhibition will feature still images, video, audio and 3D models from a diverse range of innovative artists.

Join us for an immersive, interactive display and learn more about tokenising art on the blockchain or becoming a collector, bid on the artist’s work or just drop by to meet some like-minded people in the virtual space!

With DJ sets from international acts and Miami artists, it’s a collaborative synergy that’s come to be expected from the Miami art scene, through an online accessible way for the global community to participate. Experience a curated mix of sights and sounds with a global influenced Miami vibe, a show for artists by artists.


Art Basel has been a beacon for the Miami Art Scene since 2002. Since its onset, Miami and the Beaches have embraced the energy of the global art community. Numerous satellite shows, festivals, performances, gallery events and street art have exponentially spawned from this yearly convention in true Miami magical form.

Due to the pandemic, it is the first time that the official Art Basel Convention will not occur. In the spirit of Art Basel, Miami locals are not letting this stop the flow of artist expression this year.

This NFT exhibit in AltspaceVR is a component of a series of events organized by the XR-LABS Miami Community, and we are inviting the world to join us!

If you are wondering what is Cryptoart or NFT:
Why Should I Buy #CryptoArt?


GET IN THE (NFT) GAME – Fri. Dec 4 / 8pm-9:30pm EST
A curated selection of music and art to get the party started.
Artists: Bassed, LeftHouse/Mar$ Utah, Ruben Alexander
Music: LAMEBOT, Golden Flora, & MadSavvy

GIRLS TO THE FRONT – Fri. Dec 4 • 9:30pm-11pm EST
Featuring members of WOCA ‘Women of Crypto Art’ and more:
adayinthesky, Barbara Tosti, DaniellaDoodles, GeminiRising/Vandal, GiselX Florez,
Holliday Horton, JackiVR, Mindbender Art, oculardelusion, Sara Phinn, stelcart, Stellabelle, Stina Jones, TechMental, Yalo
Music: DJ Celeste & Return of Meera DJs

DROP A GEM ON EM – Sat. Dec. 5 • 1pm-2:30pm EST
A rare collection of art from emerging and established crypto artists, including a debut NFT from the Father of Digital Art, Laurence Gartel.
Featuring: A. L. Crego, Aurelien Pumayana Floret, Domenico Barra, Flux Art, KALI MANTRA, Legendary, Metageist, Mike Almond, Natural Warp, Sahaj Garg
Music: Silvio Rodrigues & Vandal of DAO Records

READY OR NOT – Sat. Dec. 5 • 2:30pm-4pm EST
Art and music by the Black, Indigenous and POC community:
BrightLight, Lightbrush, Pule Magopa, Unknown Mizery, Shinji Akhirah
Kēvens ‘Battle for Peace’ video viewing party
Spoken word by Marcus Blake
Audio Farm NFT & DJ Chris/Positive Studio ft. Johnny Dread

LET THE MUSIC PLAY : The Curators’ Show – Sat. Dec. 5 • 4pm-5:30pm EST
Music videos and virtual 3D elements from works by exhibition curators Alissa Christine and Michelle Brown, including a sneak preview of Love Crushed Velvet 3D 360 music video and leaving richmond teaser video.
Music: DJ Le Spam, Liberty Hell, Love Crushed Velvet

RE-PLAY OF ALL SHOWS – Sun. Dec. 6 • Noon-7:30pm EST



2D mode for PC & MAC:




•David Rosen Galleries / ­Miami Beach ­Onsite Event
•EXPO featuring expert panel discussions and educational workshops on the capabilities that exists between XR/VR/Blockchain and Art/Music
More info:

brightly colored circular image with rays

FEATURED ARTISTS (With Links to those with CryptoArtNet Artist Profiles)

A. L. Crego

A.L Crego walks comfortably in the midpoint between the stillness of the picture and the continuous but condemned to an end frames of the film.

Featured Art:
Between Bars – That feeling that appears when you understand the meaning of the lyrics of a song that you have heard and sung a thousand times, but you never realized about it.


adayinthesky is a photographer, writer and artist from Vancouver, Canada, and half of Guerrilla Music.

Featured Art:
Dance – This piece is about the feeling of music and movement.

Aurelien Pumayana Floret

French visionary artist exploring unseen dimensions.

Featured Art:
RunDMT – “ you don’t know what you don’t know” -unknown

I created this piece after deep shamanic healing. I discovered that Fear is an illusion and it can be transformed into Power that unleash our true potential

Barbara Tosti

After losing twice all my analogic production I turned digital, found crypto and continued to experiment here.

Featured Art:
Breathing Good Words Around – Resonant Rhythm -The works submitted talk about how sounds and music permeate and resonate inside of our innerworld.


All terrain music producer and amateur meme connoisseur.

Featured Art:
CT Friends – @TheCryptoDog – A beat that slaps + an early btc adopter crypto dog + pop imaginary: my passions in a .mp4


I am a Mixed Media Artist from England who enjoys experimenting with various mediums to create pieces to provoke thought and prompt the observer to look and explore.

Featured Art:
Buju – I have always loved reggae and I wanted to pay homage to an artist that reminds me of my youth.


I am a 21 year old South African cryptoartist, fan artist and bookworm.

Featured Art:
Based on Lady Gaga and her development as a musician. Inspired by playing cards.

Domenico Barra

Glitch is the event. Pixel is the element. Low resolution. High vision. Experimenting. Exploring. Exhibiting. Exposing. Expanding. When you see a glitch, think of me.

Featured Art:
Les Danseurs au Glitch – I remember those wild times, the groove flowing under our skin, the lights blinding our eyes, the dance floor opening under our feet. Close to eachother, the night embracing the crowd in a hug. Let’s dance. I want to party all night long!

Flux Art

Flux Art, aka Clyde F. Smith, is new to the cryptoart scene but has a lifetime of involvement in dance, performance and visual arts.

Featured Art:
Staircase Session for Art Tech Music is a 1/1 edition of a video still by Neal Hutcheson, altered by machine learning, of trombonist Jeb Bishop and dancer Clyde Smith.


The soul of this artist is gifted with a natural sense of curiosity and innovation, making the best use of whatever is available to create.

Featured Art:
FLOE – An audio visual collaboration between mother and son, capturing the dance through life in the waters that surround all of us.

GiselX Florez

Gisel Florez is an artist of manual camera & video techniques incorporating with conceptual practice exploring interconnected nature through visual studies of waves.

Featured Art:
One single take live video recording of Kate Davis for the “Hi, How Are You Project” X World Mental Heath Day honoring Daniel Johnston @ Oso Recording.

Holliday Horton

Holliday is a multi-dimensional artist and animator who creates original works of art in virtual reality that mimics various levels of consciousness to influence viewers to experience an altered state of immersion.

Featured Art:
Tap Dancing is a piece exploring movement and sound with animation and special effects.


Jacki Clark is a British Fine Artist blending VR, AR, 360 video and immersive art.

Featured Art:
Mandala 3DTB is an exploration into immersive experiences using virtual reality and music.


My art is a form of therapy and offering in prayer. I meditate with nature and the goddess energy of Ma Kali before and during my artistic process.

Shiva Slide: Lord shiva has been having some fun recently, the gods are dancing while we feel the thumping as pain. The pain is just a short ride, we will make it.


LAMEBOT is a Miami based artist that utilizes his mercurial music production to fuel his unique aesthetic.

Featured Art:
“Minerva Leaving” – The Goddess has apparently left this world to fend for itself.

Laurence Gartel

Laurence Gartel is known as the Father of Digital Art for over 45 years.

Featured Art:
“Debbie Harry” – The Art exhibited is an original portrait of Punk Rock Diva Debbie Harry 1978.

LeftHouse/Mar$ Utah – collab

Mar$ Utah is a Rock and HipHop vocalist and NFT artist.

Featured Art:
McDuckin’ in UPX – This piece is an NFT song, music video, and cover art for McDuckin’ in UPX.


Legendary is an Austrian artist mainly focusing on satisfying and story-driven 3D loops.

Featured Art:
“Transparency of Time” is inspired by the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, and answers the question what hides inside the pendulum. The color scheme and the magenta hues pay homage to redshift and blueshift describing the phenomenon of light shifting towards either shorter or longer wave lengths depending on whether objects in space move closer or farther away from us.


Lightbrush is a guerilla projection mapping artist and 3D animator who has been utilizing his tech and artistic skills to support protests around the country, and has recently entered the cryptoart space.

Featured Art:
“It’s a New Day” is a collaborative audio NFT between Lightbrush, Stephen Barry, Seba Balle, n00k1s, Billy Beck and Miguel Lantigua.


A co-curator of this exhibit, Alissa Christine is a multidisciplinary, multidimensional, multisensory, high vibration, visionary, virtual reality/XR, healing artist focusing on positive change by inspiring inner growth, spirituality and sustainability with love.

Featured Art:
Alissa shares a selection of 3D elements from the VR 360 music video for Love Crushed Velvet collab with The Bad Lament, along with a 3D renaissance of her Music Chroma lightbox series for the Marlin Hotel South Beach Collection.

Marcus Blake

A Jamaican-born, Miami-based multimedia artist. Work includes poetry, street art, fashion, performance, event coordinating and visual art.

Featured Art:
Dream Box – Exploration into the multidimensional states of our imagination. Collab with LUVRworldwide expanding his signature Tapenology style into a 3D experience.


I am a digital artist who has found his place selling VR sculptures to collectors around the world thanks to the exciting new world of crypto art.

Featured Art:
The Priestess and the Chrysalis – Here a Silc priestess sings in harmony with the hum of a chrysalis. This piece was directly inspired by talking to a small girl about how girls would be better at riding butterflies than boys would.

Mike Almond

An artist and programmer with a love of digital decay, abstract forms, and technological misuse; Mike creates works to please his own aesthetic (and often poetic) sense, using a continually evolving suite of image generation and manipulation tools.

Featured Art:
Cloud Call: Two friends catch up over a video call backed by calming music.

Mindbender Art

Brooke Einbender is a leading pioneer in the exploration of XR art & community-based VR collaboration. She’s establishing new frontiers and directions at the intersection of where art and technology meet in the context of its impact on human consciousness.

Featured Art:
Breath Out – Tiltbrush painting/AR – This meditative piece invites you to embrace its fiery energy and let all the other B.S. float away like the sounds of music.

Natural Warp

Psychedelic / Visionary 2D/3D 360° AR/VR #CryptoArtist

Featured Art:
Metaverse Meditation – “a Breakthrough beyond Time … a Crystalline Meditation Time Vortex experience captured on film for the very first time ever …”


Multidisciplinary artist currently working in live, large-scale animated public projections, VR and cryptoart; cofounder

Featured Art:
Seeds of Space (2020, Tilt Brush) I wanted to be as far from Earth as possible, immersed somewhere not only with no walls, but with no beginning and no end. Title & concept inspired by the song, Seeds of Space, from In the Village of the Apple Sun (2006), by Anton Barbeau.

Pule Magopa

I love to create anything surrealist or ancestral.

Featured Art:
Afro Beat King – Fela Kuti – The artwork celebrates the life of late artists, expressing their legacy outliving their death.

Ruben Alexander

Ruben Alexander is a US based digital artist that loves to experiment and mix tools and mediums to share.

Featured Art:
“The death of rock n roll” speaks to this time where social gathering is *verboten* and the ways we have listened to music have been further digitized.

Sahaj Garg

Sahaj Garg is a creative ‘technologist’, artist, sound designer and problem solver, fascinated by the cosmos, revelations, perception, macros and zen Philosophies.

Featured Art:
“tethered” is an artwork emerging along the lines of companionship in a digital world, the word tether stands for connecting digital devices and also being confined in a space, the aspect which has more so over has been brought to light due to the pandemic. Reflecting towards a dithered global companionship while also reflecting on some time to self retrospect, being a companion of oneself and dance with your own shadows in this box.

Sara Phinn

Sara Phinn is a Visionary art artist exploring psychedelia, cyberpunk, and mythological aesthetics and concepts.

Featured Art:
Bjork is an incredible artist and musician pioneering the interface of VR and music videos, her work has been a lifelong inspiration to me and I wanted to honor her with this tribute portrait of her from her album cover for Homogenic.

Shinji Akhirah

Artist. Illustrator. Designer. Wordsmith. Beatmaker. Batteries not included.

Featured Art:
And On: Inspired by the enigmatic and always dynamic Erykah Badu.


A Fine Art graduate from Australia and Germany (Bauhaus) who creates conceptual 2D animations.

Featured Art:
Mariah Antoinette – A hybrid of Mariah Carey, song bird with an infamous 5-octave range, and Marie Curie, who was said to occasionally keep birds in her hair.


Cryptoartist and Creator of #Top5NFT Show on Twitter.

Featured Art:
Idea Machine – Within you exists an Idea Machine. This Idea Machine runs 24/7. It produces ideas when you are both awake and asleep. It’s always there. It’s running constantly, whether you are aware of it or not.

Stina Jones

Stina Jones is an independent artist, best known for her quirky character designs which incorporate her trademark use of clean lines and bright, happy colours.

Featured Art:
Songbirds of electronic dance music; a page from my digital sketchbook.


I reproduce reflections of my imaginary topography inspired by society, whilst against the grain of the mundane.

Featured Art:
Electroniq is an art token celebrating Hiltronix, an electronic female DJ artist stationed in Miami, Florida, USA.

The Bad Lament

Michelle Brown is an Australian new media and VR artist focused on immersive and interactive art installations and creating storytelling experiences in the extended reality space.

Featured Art:
A co-curator of this event, Michelle Brown displays virtual 3D elements from her VR music videos along with a video teaser for leaving richmond.

Unknown Mizery

“We first came to know Toronto’s Unknown Mizery several years ago as a highly outspoken songwriter and recording artist, and since then he’s expanded his overall repertoire immensely.

As a man of many hats, the Guerilla Music emcee is a certified producer, beat maker, radio show producer, entrepreneur, film maker, activist, humanitarian, community builder and even more that…” –

Featured Art:
The song Forever is about finding abundance in the moment with lyrics touch on the good feeling that hip hop culture has, this feeling will live forever. Gamja Beats / ‘Cassidy’ / Italian rapper “Moicano MC”.


Digital artist duo from Ukraine

Featured Art:
“Mindful Divers” – A couple of aliens from another reality with their pet. They communicate in a language that we don’t know. What are they talking about?

Press Release Via: Art Tech Miami

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CryptoArtNet Awarded William M. Peaster $WHALE Grant

abstract multicolored image

[Image Courtesy DeFi Arts Intelligencer]

I am excited to announce that CryptoArtNet is the recipient of a generous William M. Peaster $WHALE Grant. Given that CryptoArtNet currently has no payroll, these funds will cover our operating expenses for some time as well as helping us move beyond “good enough” to higher quality services for the NFT art community. In addition, I’d like to sketch out the bigger picture for CryptoArtNet as context for our first funding event.

The $WHALE Grant

When William contacted me to let me know he was giving us a $WHALE Grant, I was delighted. It’s a very generous gesture that provides real support for CryptoArtNet and for myself. In the most basic sense, it means that CryptoArtNet is no longer funded out-of-pocket and decision making can be less restrained financially.

This grant is part of a larger program of $WHALE grants initiated by WhaleShark.Pro that began in August. The program has continued to grow and has been a way for members of the $Whale Community to support and engage a broader circle in the world of NFTs.

The $WHALE grant program is an excellent example of how community building can go beyond one’s individual walls and help grow the larger pie.

Roughly speaking, this grant is likely to fund:

A year of CryptoArtNet’s web expenses from hosting to WordPress plugins, such as the Directories Pro plugin powering our Directory of CryptoArtists, to additional third party services.

The cost of incorporating in early 2021. Currently CryptoArtNet is a sole proprietorship. Unless we find it likely that we will be taking on investors in 2021, an LLC seems the most practical path forward.

A low-cost press release to reach out to conventional media. We’ve gotten close to zero interest from crypto media outlets. I think that will change over time but a lot of these operations only see numbers and we don’t have big numbers yet. It’s time to expand our presence on the web beyond this limited neighborhood.

A modest chunk of $WHALE to use for liquidity when $CRAC officially launches beyond CryptoArtNet. $CRAC, aka CryptoArtCoin, is the social currency of CryptoArtNet with emerging aspirations to become a key token for the larger NFT art world. Plans are to list on a DEX in 2021. Being able to launch with support for $WHALE/$CRAC pairs would be a very cool thing.

The Bigger Picture

The above may sound like a lot for a single grant to accomplish but CryptoArtNet is a very lean organization. At this point, the primary constraint is my time since I do everything at CryptoArtNet. That will change as we move into 2021, The Year of $CRAC, and community members will have many opportunities to participate and help create our future.

For now, members are updating their profiles, spreading the word and posting new art releases on our extremely beta New NFT Art stream. $CRAC is dispersed for Proof of Participation and there will be many more such opportunities for community members to help grow the site and make The Year of $CRAC a big success!

I haven’t spoken much publicly about CryptoArtCoin, saving most such news for artists holding $CRAC, but my hope is that it can ultimately provide funding for CryptoArtNet as well as financial rewards for members.

My motivation, in addition to rewarding our work, is to have a form of funding directly related to CryptoArtNet membership that can set the stage for community ownership. I don’t know exactly what that looks like but I’m closely following developments from DAOs to governance tokens to coops to “exiting to community” as a theme.

If you’re in cryptoart and interested in such things, let’s talk. There’s room for investors but my experiences in that realm to date feel like Web 2.0 all over again and I’ve already been down that road.

New horizons beckon!

I believe CryptoArtNet can do a lot more for artists. The William M. Peaster $WHALE Grant is a big vote of confidence for that future and a very real and practical show of support.

So Who Is William M. Peaster?

If you’re very deep into NFTs and cryptoart you should be familiar with William. He is the leading business writer in the NFT and cryptoart space both in terms of quality and knowledge.

Peaster’s a very busy writer. His DeFi Arts Intelligencer newsletter is a key read. He’s also currently the writer behind TokenSmart’s weekly newsletter which comes from the nft42 fam. They’re a nice pair if you’re trying to keep up with the rapid pace of change in NFT arts land.

Peaster can also be found on Twitter as well as Cent.

And if you’re looking for high quality work, here is his writing portfolio.

Thanks So Much!

I want to not only thank William but also the cryptoart community as a whole. To be honest, I was on my way out of web publishing when cryptoart drew me in as both an artist and web publisher.

The generosity and friendliness of so many folks in the scene has made 2020 quite rewarding despite the pandemic. It’s crazy to have found something so perfect for this time at just the right time.

Cryptoartists and NFT art are not just resilient. This early stage of development has shown us to be antifragile with bigger and better things ahead.

I look forward to making the journey with all of you!

CryptoArtNet Updates: New NFT Art Releases, CryptoArtists on Twitter

women in rootlike forest with abstract root pattern on upper body

Art by Stefan Keller aka KELLEPICS from Pixabay

I have a couple of updates at CryptoArtNet to announce. In particular, we now have a stream of new NFT art releases to which members can post. Hopefully this feature will get more attention on members’ art for sale.

New NFT Art Releases

All members can now post one announcement a day of new cryptoart releases or of related events.

It looks pretty cool already. I want to pull the pinned tweet once people know what’s up so there’s art at the beginning of the feed.

One of the nice things about New NFT Art Releases is that it gives one an easy way to keep up with new art across platforms without all the noise of Twitter. I do love Twitter but it makes it hard to keep up with art sometimes.

However, I want to see if I can set up a Twitter feed for the posts. I think I can also set up social media sharing links. So there’s more to come.

The plugin I’m using is a social network plugin from Peepso. It has a lot of other capabilities but I’ve hesitated to launch a social network given that we have things like Twitter and Discord.

You can find more of the features of Peepso here. I’ve got all the add-ons, from a previous project that imploded, and you can find additional features under the Plugins menu or by clicking on screen navigation elements.

Here are some questions I have for you along with contact points and markup tips. If you want something, tell me about it!

I’d be happy to hear from non-members, including collectors, about any features that would be helpful such as non-member accounts for commenting as well as such features as direct messaging, etc.

CryptoArtists on Twitter

I also added a stream from the CryptoArtNet Artists list on Twitter.

Basically anytime anybody completes an Artist Listing on CryptoArtNet I add their Twitter account to the list. It is a good place to find new art but it has a lot of other stuff as well.

William M. Peaster $WHALE Grant

So CryptoArtNet and I received a quite generous William M. Peaster $WHALE Grant!

I’m writing a separate post about how that changes the game in important ways for CryptoArtNet and myself and will link when that’s done.

Till then, check out William’s Twitter account and his awesome newsletter DeFi Arts Intelligencer.

Thanks William!

NFT Art Platforms Planned for Stacks 2.0 Blockchain

dark square with rounded corners and four evenly spaced white circlesBlockstack PBC, under the direction of Muneeb Ali, has been developing the Stacks blockchain for a number of years. With the coming launch of Stacks 2.0, the project is moving forward with two key interrelated procedures, Proof of Transfer (PoX) and Stacking. In addition, a big bag of the STX cryptocurrency has gone to the Blocks Foundation which is using it to fund projects that support the growth of the ecosystem. Among those recently considered for grants are three with a focus on NFT-based art and collectibles.

A Brief History

Blockstack’s history goes back to 2013 at Princeton where Muneeb Ali and Ryan Shea founded the company which became Blockstack PBC. A lot has happened since then with a great deal of money raised, many developers on board and the first SEC-qualified offering of a token in the U.S., the Stacks (STX) token. The future looks very interesting with the upcoming launch of Stacks 2.0 and many changes for the founding organization.

Proof of Transfer and Stacking

Two concepts are key to understanding how both miners and STX holders work together to support consensus and secure the Stacks blockchain, Proof of Transfer (PoX) and Stacking.

In a blog post from February, Blockstack PBC cofounder Muneeb Ali describes Proof of Transfer as an approach that “harnesses” Bitcoin’s “durability” to secure the Stacks blockchain:

“On a PoX blockchain, rather than committing computational resources, miners commit financial resources by transferring the PoW cryptocurrency of the more established blockchain to some other participant in the network. In turn, these miners are rewarded the new blockchain’s cryptocurrency.”

This approach “anchors” Stacks to Bitcoin’s Proof-of-Work blockchain. In this system, miners deposit Bitcoin which is then used to reward those holding STX, the cryptocurrency associated with the Stacks blockchain. Miners’ then “write new blocks on the Stacks blockchain and earn rewards in the form of newly minted Stacks (STX) tokens.”

Holding STX, in which “token holders must lock up their tokens for the time period they want to participate,” is called Stacking. Those who stack are rewarded with Bitcoin from miners and, in the process, help enhance network security.

These two procedures, Proof of Transfer and Stacking, tie the Stacks blockchain to the Bitcoin blockchain while supporting PoX consensus and securing the network. More on these two key concepts can be found in the blog post, Stacking Earnings Model from the Blockstack Blog.

Cryptoart-Related NFT Projects

Blockstack’s 2019 token sale raised $23 million. A big chunk of STX tokens were recently used to fund the Stacks Foundation and support the nonprofit in furthering the development of the Blockstack ecosystem.

An early initiative of the Foundation is a beta Grants Program offering up to $5000 US for relevant projects. There have been over 20 proposals to date, two of which are relevant to cryptoartists and have been funded. In addition, a closed project offers some provocative ideas for those considering the future of NFTs.

OpenRiff is a “marketplace for collectibles” featuring NFTs. It was inspired by the OpenSea marketplace and will draw, in part, on OpenSea Whitelabel Marketplace resources.

Risidio Auctions will start with auctions of “Digital Collectibles on Stacks 2.0” and is being developed by the creators of Loopbomb and RADICLE. They also reference OpenSea in their application with more of a focus on OpenSea’s limitations, including Eth gas prices, which are also a problem for Loopbomb.

The overall plan is to:
“build bidding software on Stacks 2.0 that starts with the small, but rapidly growing, marketplace of Digital Collectibles and reaches beyond this to the multi-billion dollar markets in auctions of real world physical assets.”

Smartists proposed the development of “Private Art Studios on the Internet of Value” but the grant application has been withdrawn. This ambitious project was intended to allow artists to not only share work but to sell work directly to collectors.

Focused on those artists with a DIY mindset wanting to move away from centralized platforms for art sales, the Smartists proposal also has some interesting solutions to managing the rights offered in such sales. Definitely worth a look for how the concept addresses artist networking and sales as well as next steps for those that believe NFTs are the future of rights management.

More to Come

I’m currently participating in the Freehold project (Twitter) which is an experiment in building community and turning products into movements. This blog post is my first contribution. I’m participating in order to learn more about Stacks, for participant compensation and to see how the approaches of programs like Freehold might contribute to CryptoArtNet.

I will also be keeping track of NFT-related developments and sharing those here on CryptoArtNet News.

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CryptoArtists from Argentina on CryptoArtNet

I’ve been wanting to highlight the artists on CryptoArtNet from Argentina. Now seems like a great time given the CryptoArg collective drop currently available on Nifty Gateway. You can follow the collective on Twitter and on Instagram.

Some but not all of these artists are on CryptoArtNet. And not all Argentine cryptoartists on the site note their location or country of origin as Argentina. But I guess that fits a group with a show called CAOS/CHAOS.

Here are thirteen Argentine cryptoartists that can be found on CryptoArtNet with notes from CryptoArtNet’s Artist Listings!


Argentinean artist. Peronist: give me Pope Francis, Perón, Evita, Néstor, Cristina, Los Palmeras, and a good asado among friends, and I’ll turn the world into a Paradise.

I love politics as much as science, cats, art, and a good book. If I were to choose between a Lambo and a Citroën 2CV, I’ll pick the 2CV.

Assorted techniques and styles. Eccentric, maybe crazy.

Twitter: CryptoArtistX

Crypt0 Baby

Joaquina Salgado aka ‘Crypt0 Baby’ is a new media artist based in Buenos Aires specialized in 3D immersive experiences, XR/VR and live visuals. Her queer activism is reflected in her artwork. The color palettes are a key element of her work that connect us with galaxies of emotional states.

Twitter: @crypt0_baby


I am a 19 year old artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I specialise in 3D Art. You can find my work up on SuperRare and Rarible!

Twitter: fakito__

Frenetik Void

As digital technologies change the definition of what it means to be human, the relationship between physical presence, virtual identity and digital corporeality becomes more diffuse. The work of Frenetik Void unfolds in a science-fiction environment, a post-human universe inhabited by mutating beings, hybrids in which limits are vanished.

Twitter: @frenetikvoid


Digital artist and programmer working in animations, images and other media.

Twitter: @gcorallo

Julian Brangold

By adopting a multi-disciplinary approach that includes painting, computer programming, 3D modelling, video intallations, collage, tattooing and a myriad of digital mediums, his conceptual research explores a wide variety of latent contemporary subjects. Using art as an investigatory discipline to explore themes like technology, artificial intelligence and the online self, Brangold explores mediums that transcend conventionalism through their various combinations and deconstructions.

His works seek to make us wonder what our place is within a world of constant technological advancement and new natural landscapes, losing the division between the digital and the human.

Twitter: @julianbrangold


My main focus is playing with recurring elements using them as symbols, as well as experimenting with the boundaries with figuration and abstraction. As I produce art as well as do research in this field, I go back and forth between creation and social research of the art world, taking in account the symbolic, social and political aspects of artistic expression.

Twitter: @kazwes2


ALGORITHMIC ARTIST LOST IN A RECURSIVE LOOP. His work combines the beauty of nature with the artificial decay of big cities, represented by organic algorithms that grow in the middle of concrete. He is inspired by internet culture, dystopian/sci-fi films, old videogames, punk, mathematics and generative art.

Twitter: @_k0ch

Nad Art

Artist. Dancer, mixed media and technological experiments in Corvus Project.

Twitter: @Nadart12

Norma Xelda Jara

I am a freelance graphic designer. I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Creativity and art has always been in my identity. I studied third level drawing since 1992 and technology was always present in my profession.

In 2016, by chance I joined the Dada community where I made 1800 digital drawings and introduced myself to digital art.

In June 2019 I met two amazing art stores like MakersPlace and Knownorigin and I inserted myself by tokenizing my works in cryptoart.

Today I belong to a community of decentralized and empowered artists who are permanently searching for new paths, including technology as a form of expression and search for identity.

Twitter: @Xacoli_nft


Hello, my name is Octavio, I am a visual artist from Argentina.

I am in the last year of Sound and Image Design at the University of Buenos Aires. In the university I always choose the most avant-garde professorship’s, the ones that were encouraged to new things. We tried new technologies.

My career was always a constant try and I think that nowadays, all that practice, all those test, are defining my style. Something that I found…
and I want to do.

Twitter: @okytomo1

Souline Art

Argentine artist currently residing in Spain. World traveler. Through my works I try to reflect how labyrinthine reality can be. Combining different techniques, styles and registers, I recreate the complexity of the perspectives that surround us. The lines prevail in my works, through which I seek to play interactively with my works to unite them and create more complex structures and symbolisms.

Twitter: @OrfanoSolange

Tierras Raras

Tierras Raras explore the mix between oil painting and digital art, based on colors and textures, to create different scenes and characters that inhabit them. Most of her scenes come from old family photos, which she transform, and turn into something else. “Tierras Raras” is the name, in Spanish, given to oxides that can rarely be found in their pure form, just like her characters.

Twitter: @tierras__raras

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CryptoArt Assets: Uniswap Token List, Blockchain In Art, Crypto Art Collecting

picture of "List Tokens" headline and CryptoArtNet colorful C logo

Though most of CryptoArtNet’s posts on cryptoart as an asset focuses on art NFTs, Ethereum blockchain-based tokens are also worth considering. CryptoArtNet’s Uniswap cryptoart token list is one effort to support those entering that realm. Of course, $WHALE and $RARI are both worth learning more about. Cryptoart investors and speculators can also learn a few things from NFT traders and blockchain research.

CryptoArtNet’s Uniswap Token List

Currently in queue to be considered as an addition to Uniswap’s Token Lists, CryptoArtNet’s cryptoart token list features cryptoart-related tokens listed on Uniswap. You can add it to the Uniswap app using the url of the json list on Github. This list will be maintained and updated regardless of Uniswap’s decision to add or reject the list.

$RARI and Rarible Governance

After successfully launching its $RARI governance token, Rarible follows with an explanation of how governance will work. The ultimate goal is to create a DAO, a Decentralized Autonomous Organization. This goal has received a major cosign with the decision of CoinFund to invest in Rarible. It’s pretty clear the scrappy marketplace that has attempted to serve the community as a whole is leveling up.

Brukhman on CoinFund’s NFT Thesis

Ok, it’s clear I’m going to disagree with Brukhman’s take on the NFT space on a regular basis but he’s an important voice and his leadership of CoinFund will have enormous impact beyond its recent investment in Rarible.

So here’s Brukhman’s most recent analysis of the bigger picture, “All digital content is going on-chain,” which addresses “CoinFund’s NFT thesis and…investment in Rarible.”


Though recently blocked by @WhaleShark_Pro, I continue to follow news of $WHALE, an innovative token with a deeply committed community. Mason Nystrom recently shared an introduction to the token in the Messari newsletter with a deeper dive for subscribers.

Also worth noting is WhaleShark’s recent explanation of the $WHALE NFT Mining program in which “NFT meets DeFi” and very recent coverage by CoinTelegraph:
Whale vault gobbles up virtual real estate for development in The Sandbox

CV VC Global Report – Blockchain in Art

I previously mentioned the CV VC Global Report on “Blockchain in Art” which was released as a “Sneak Peak.” This week they organized the above panel to discuss topics considered in the report.

Blockchain, Creativity and Arts Intertwine

In an extensive post on Medium, “Blockchain, Creativity and Arts Intertwine,” Sasha Shilina shares “Use Cases and Notable Projects” that should be of great interest to cryptoart collectors in the larger context of blockchain-related art activities.

Reference: UBS Art Basel Art Market Report 2019/2020

CryptoArt/NFT Collecting and Trading

Art is Becoming the Next Billion Dollar Blockchain Use Case & You Don’t Need Millions to Get Started – DCL Blogger

How Ethereum fuelled the NFT boom – Robert Stevens

An ROI Collector’s Guide to Cryptoart – matthew

Exploring On-Chain Data To Find The Best NFT Traders – Andrew Steinwold

The Complacency of Crypto Art

For a deep counterpart to most of the above perspectives,’s Beatriz Helena Ramos shared her thoughts earlier this summer on “The Complacency of Crypto Art.”


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CryptoArt News: New Projects and Platforms

Despite the high cost of gas, new cryptoart projects and platforms have been launching all over the place. And, to spite the high cost of gas, one of the best is on a blockchain other than Ethereum. While some are temporarily stymied, cryptoart continues its forward motion.

NFT Showroom

Two particularly promising cryptoart platforms recently launched, NFT Showroom and Cargo. Of the two, I’m most excited by NFT Showroom. It’s on the Hive blockchain and you can find a listing of team members in their launch announcement post. Some great artists are involved and the platform has the feel of one emerging from the cryptoart community.

I follow a bunch of cryptoartists via Twitter and lately I’ve been discovering many with which I was unfamiliar via NFT Showroom’s Twitter account. It’s awesome to see such an excellent project using Hive and being led by artists. You can find out more through their Peakd feed and through the Ultimate Guide To NFT Showroom.

screenshot of tweet announcing cargo token launch


If NFT Showroom hadn’t launched I’d probably be most excited by Cargo. The Cargo Marketplace is an Ethereum-based NFT minting and sales platform. Lots of well-known cryptoartists are minting there and the site showcases their work quite nicely.

I did a bit of minting when the site was still in test mode and I need to follow up to see how things have changed. My general impression was that Cargo is a well thought-out project that has done a good job of learning from other platforms. One of their more interesting features is the ability to mint ERC-1155 tokens which offers one possible route to reducing your gas costs. Cargo also recently introduced NFT staking.

Here’s Cargo’s launch announcement and Twitter account. Definitely worth a look by both artists and collectors.

headshots of i4art founding members

i4 Art

i4 Art is another promising artist-led project that describes itself as a “member owned artist network exploring opportunities in blockchain based digital art.” It’s organized as a DAO and here’s what they say they do:

“We buy digital art, and sell for more later. We also buy art for groups and individuals.”

“We onboard new artists to blockchain, and purchase NFT minting rights from artists not interested in dealing with crypto.”

“We educate and mentor artists, to maximize their potential.”

The founding members are listed on the bottom of the home page and they include some of the most respected cryptoartists in the game.

Here’s more on how the DAO works, their art collection displayed on OpenSea, their Discord channel and their Twitter account.

Probably the most slept on news in cryptoart at the moment but it’s not like they’re heavily promoting it either. On the other hand, sometimes slow and steady is the smart path to take.

screenshot of tweet announcing limited time for joining BlockParty


Blockparty is a new gallery/marketplace featuring curated artists. They’ve launched their marketplace with a small group but are also taking applications for new artists.

They recently opened registration for collectors, I think, for 48 hours. I guess that’s a FOMO tactic?

You can join over 16k followers (!) on Twitter to keep up with their progress.

screenshot of tweet with rari R


$RARI is a new Ethereum-based token from the popular cryptoart platform Rarible which has gotten more attention than all of the above combined. Launched as a governance token, $RARI has been generously distributed to all those buying and selling art on Rarible. What’s crazy is that some $RARI will also be distributed to NFT holders who purchased work on competing platforms.

Rarible has also announced plans to become a Decentralized Autonomous Organization or DAO. This is a bold move that will put a very community-oriented platform into the hands of the community. Given that many of Rarible’s challenges stem from being an extremely open platform it will be interesting to see what the community does with itself!

Here’s more from DeFi Rate as well as Rarible’s Twitter account.

Colorful abstract background with two arrow signs pointing left and rigth
CryptoArt Web Directory

There’s a lot to keep up with in the land of cryptoart and one way I’m trying to make that easier is with CryptoArtNet’s CryptoArt Web Directory. It’s a very simple link-based directory that I will update on an ongoing basis.

Launch Announcement:
CryptoArtNet Launches CryptoArt Web Directory


CryptoArt Assets: Up and to the Right

chart of sales volume with rapidly rising sales in 2020

SuperRare Sales Volume Increases 365%

It’s speeding up!

“The marketplace started the year with $344,000 in platform sales volume, but has seen that figure almost quadruple in seven months…”

“Research analyst at Messari Crypto, Mason Nystrom, has plotted the growth charts, for SuperRare, and notes that collectors from 178 countries have earned over $350,000 in secondary sales, demonstrating a vibrant post-auction market.”

iMore picked up on the Cointelegraph article and this nice looking piece resulted:
Collecting digital artwork is growing even as the pandemic continues

One of the 5 Routes to Mainstreaming CryptoArt I previously discussed.

New to the Game?

I recently ran across Ryan Sean Adams piece from the beginning of the year:
How to make money on digital art

Reasonable place to start if you’re trying to sort out what’s happening with cryptoart as an asset.

Picasso’s Bull Nets $55,555.55

Media coverage of the sale of Picasso’s Bull by Trevor Jones for $55,555.55 on Nifty Gateway:

Nifty Gateway Sets New Record for Digital Art Sale
Non-fungible Digital Artwork Sale Shatters Records, ‘Picasso’s Bull’ NFT Sells for $55K

Interview with Trevor Jones and the Museum of Crypto Art’s Pablo Rodriguez-Fraile

Intellectual Property as a CryptoArt Asset

Speaking of high prices, people got upset with a dude naming Boxmining who questioned the idea of a $30k price tag for an NFT.

Jake Brukhman responded with some stimulating thoughts about the potential for using NFTs to license artistic product. Worth a read but Brukhman’s comments don’t respond to Boxmining’s take nor do they consider the actual reality of licensing and intellectual property in the arts.

More of a reminder that cryptoart assets go beyond the buying and selling of cryptoart as discreet pieces and that there is more to come!

Wash Trading = Bad

Wash trading is not a good thing in any market but it probably exists in all markets including the cryptoart market.

We recently discussed the issue and, since then, NonFungible dropped more knowledge on the topic.

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5 Routes to Mainstreaming CryptoArt

dr seuss digital collectibles website screengrab with cat in the hat

Cryptoart going mainstream may not be as enjoyable as some hope. But it’s going to happen one way or another. So let’s say we want to encourage the process. Here are 5 intersecting routes to do so, all of which are already in motion.

The most active route currently seems to be the moves by big brands to create cryptocollectibles using their intellectual property and big names adding their own work to the mix.

1) Big Brands and Big Names

Big brands are coming to NFT Land and that will eventually crossover to the world of CryptoArt. While I’ve made the argument that NFT Land is actually part of Crypto Art and Design World, we can all see there’s a distinction between game NFTs, in particular, and art on cryptoart platforms.

But the big brands aren’t always coming into gaming. They’re also tokenizing pieces of popular art as NFT collectibles.

For example, Dr. Seuss:
Dr. Seuss Digital Collectibles
Can these Dr. Seuss decals help digital collectibles catch on?

And Doctor Who:
Doctor Who Digital Trading Cards
Doctor Who to Enter the Cryptoverse as BBC Plans Trading Card Game on Ethereum Blockchain

Plus William Shatner memorabilia:
William Shatner on the WAX Blockchain
William Shatner Makes History on the WAX Blockchain!

More directly relevant to cryptoart is the appearance of José Delbo on MakersPlace. José Delbo is a renowned comics artist and MakersPlace is a leading cryptoart platform.

Given the crossover between fine art and popular culture in the 60s and 70s, as well as the blurred boundaries within the cryptoart scene, this is a big step in the mainstreaming of cryptoart.

Baseball star Tommy Wilson’s appearance on SuperRare may not be in the same league as Delbo but is certainly another move in the big game.

Also of note is the Cryptograph project “one-of-a-kind digital collectibles from your favourite icons and artists that raise money for charity forever, all secured by blockchain technology.” The fact that they began with Vitalik Buterin and are raising money for good causes has probably spared them some ridicule now that both Ashton Kutcher and Paris Hilton have joined in.

On a side note, the nicest art I’ve seen related to this project to date was the response by luluxXX to Paris Hilton’s cat painting:
Crypto Kitty. luluxXX

2) High Prices

Staggeringly high prices for cryptoart, like the $55,555.55 for Picasso’s Bull by Trevor Jones make the news and excite speculators about a new asset class. In the traditional art world, that’s what gets the most attention and the same is happening for cryptoart at a smaller scale.

If some of these sales are being manipulated by speculators, that also happens offline. In any case, high prices will contribute in their own way to mainstreaming cryptoart.

But “who’s gonna tell the yield farming bros?”

3) Media Outreach

Cryptoart needs to be more visible beyond crypto media. While big brands and high prices do get us some attention outside of our scene, focused media outreach is required for cryptoart to become a more normal part of the art world.

Platforms and people getting attention in the above two categories are best positioned to break through beyond crypto media. In particular, cryptoart platforms could be doing more targeted outreach to business media, regarding new forms of assets, and art media, regarding new opportunities for artists.

If, for example, MakersPlace, SuperRare and Nifty Gateway built on their numerous wins with professional publicists, they could do a lot to introduce cryptoart to the mainstream.

Investments and acquisitions also provide publicity opportunities as we’ve seen with the acquisition of Nifty Gateway and, over in NFT Land, the recent raise by Dapper Labs. Further publicity would not only help these platforms and related companies but help bring NFTs and cryptoart to the mainstream.

4) Virtual Worlds

Cryptoart has been a big part of the growth of Decentraland and Cryptovoxels. Obvously, the biggest driver is the ability to buy parcels of virtual land as NFTs. But the life of these spaces is greatly enriched by the involvement of cryptoartists.

Decentraland is a strong example of a virtual world connecting with the mainstream. Developments include José Delbo’s exhibition and Samsung’s support via its Blockchain Wallet App.

Tokens launched by virtual worlds also bring cryptocurrency traders into the space, even if at a distance. Decentraland’s $MANA is one such token and now $SAND from The Sandbox has joined the fray.

As virtual spaces grow in popularity, cryptoart will benefit by being part of the scene.

5) CryptoArt Displays

Events have been a big part of the cryptoart scene in virtual worlds but displays of cryptoart in various forms are probably the most accessible aspect for outsiders. The issue of displaying cryptoart may not readily come to mind when considering mainstreaming but it’s very important especially when one considers display in the home or office.

While some will remain baffled by high prices for NFTs and others just can’t afford to play at that level, being able to enjoy and share one’s art purchases in a form that’s easily accessible by others should not be underrated.

The partnership of pixEOS, an EOS-based cryptoart platform, and Canvia, a creator of digital art frames, is a promising sign. Canvia seems particularly well-designed for those who want a display form that looks most like traditional art.

Mark Date of Rendar, a site that is onboarding street artists, recently wrote about TokenCast, an “open source application enabling users to directly display their tokenized NFT artworks on an independent television or monitor.”

As Mark points out, TokenCast “may help attract mainstream artists and collectors into this space.”

However, at the moment, this DIY display by @secondrealm is my favorite.

Other Possible Routes to the Mainstream

These are the possibilities that strike me most strongly but I’ve seen other ideas floated. Some people feel we shouldn’t call it cryptoart, an idea with which I strongly disagree.

If you have some opinions on the topic, please share them on Twitter in response to this post and I’ll do a follow-up at a later date. I’ll also include relevant comments from this Twitter thread in response to @aishacarif’s tweet on “barriers to entry in the #cryptoart world.”

CryptoArtNet Launches CryptoArt Web Directory

Colorful abstract background with two arrow signs pointing left and rigth

Away Directory by geralt aka Gerd Altmann via Pixabay

This weekend I launched a simple resource, a link directory to web sites related to cryptoart, CryptoArt Web Directory.

This is one of the reasons I queried folks on Twitter about what terms they use for the hybrid gallery/platform/marketplaces that are central to cryptoart practice.

To be honest, people held such divergent opinions about terminology that I just went with my own preferences that fit as well as any other. But the discussion is worth checking out because folks went deeper than simply clarifying usage.

The web directory is meant to be as simple and practical as possible. Now that it’s launched I can add links and new categories as needed.

I think both newcomers and folks who simply want to check in for resources they haven’t yet encountered will find it of use.

If you have a suggestion for a resource, please use this form to let me know about it.

CryptoArt Wash Trading: Let the Buyer Beware

Twitter screenshot

When you’re trying to figure out the potential long-term value of an artist’s work by considering various data points, you can as easily be led astray with cryptoart as with any other asset. Wash trading is a particular concern whether it’s done to directly manipulate prices or to create the appearance of widespread interest and hype. Does it bother artists? Probably not as much as collectors.

What is Wash Trading?

Wash trading has a long history particularly in the stock market. According to Investopedia:

“Wash trading is a process whereby a trader buys and sells a security for the express purpose of feeding misleading information to the market. In some situations, wash trades are executed by a trader and a broker who are colluding with each other, and other times wash trades are executed by investors acting as both the buyer and the seller of the security.”

Though cryptoart is not a security it is increasingly an asset in which individuals and organizations can invest. As the work of particular artists is identified as strong investments, prices will rise accordingly which can make a huge difference in an artist’s life. So wash trading can affect artists both short and long-term even when such activity seems remote and out of one’s hands.

Wash Trading in Cryptoart Markets

In cryptoart wash trading is often used to create the appearance of high sales volume. Sales volume affects ranking on leaderboards which can be a really strong form of marketing to buyers looking for promising cryptoart investments and speculative opportunities. In addition, the space is getting noisier and it will be increasingly difficult to make a big splash so leaderboard ranking can help with that.

Some people also use the term wash trading to refer to buying one’s art back or through a third party to raise the price. This seems likely to attract more scrutiny if leading to newsworthy sales.

With the launch of Rarible’s cryptocurrency $RARI, which is distributed based on “participating on the platform… [aka] Marketplace Liquidity Mining,” an even more direct incentive for wash trading has emerged.

So cryptoart wash trading can create an appearance of higher interest for an artist’s work than actually exists in the marketplace, create increased visibility for an artist’s work, be used to directly manipulate pricing and lead to larger stashes of $RARI.

Do Artists Care?

CryptoArt Twitter has a wide range of responses and I gathered some of those through a Twitter poll which received numerous responses in the comments. The poll results are posted above.

There was also a lively conversation that emerged based on a tweet from @SatsMoonSoon:

Twitter screenshot

The response focused on artists listed as high volume sellers, artists who are seeking to raise prices and artists seeking $RARI. Some cryptoartists feel these practices don’t affect them. @Reviiser maintains wash trading is not an issue for artists but does affect speculators:

Twitter screenshot

However, as @cechk_art pointed out:

Twitter screenshot

Discussion of all these issues often indicated that the popular platform Rarible is considered to be an epicenter for wash trading. And one of its biggest critics has been NFT data firm NonFungible.

NonFungible’s Stance on Wash Trading

As the leading source of cryptoart and NFT sales data, NonFungible has high stakes in the game. At the beginning of the year, NonFungible included wash trading in a list of “Behaviors in the NFT ecosystem that we hope will decrease in 2020“:

“Most data and analytics platforms propose rankings of the top volume-generating projects. To make a place in these rankings, some projects do not hesitate to set up bots which exchange assets all day long to inflate their volume.”

“Tracking, data and analytical tools such as NonFungible have become, for some projects, a kind of free showcase, offering high visibility to projects generating high volumes. Some smaller projects have understood the importance of these platforms in the ecosystem and have believed that we would not notice these strategies.”

This article is well worth a closer look for those buying cryptoart with plans to sell it later at a higher price. Both investors and speculators should be aware of the tactics described that are not limited to wash trading.

All Eyes On Rarible

Though wash trading is unlikely to be limited to a single platform, Rarible has come under close scrutiny from both cryptoartists and NonFungible. The release of $RARI seems to have only increased such activity and Rarible is clearly aware of the situation:

Twitter screenshot

NonFungible recently called out Rarible and discontinued its visible data listing on the site:

The comments in response to this exchange are well worth a look for more nuanced positions, for example:

Twitter screenshot

In turn, @xCryptochild called out NonFungible for lack of disclosure to which NonFungible responded:

Twitter screenshot

And @Jay_Delay pointed out that NonFungible’s approach does not have to be all-or-nothing:

Twitter screenshot

This issue goes beyond Rarible vs NonFungible but the positions taken related to both companies do highlight the range of concerns.

CryptoArt Grows Up

While current issues might be seen as simply growing pains for a new arts genre and asset class, these issues aren’t going away. Cryptoart’s grounding in non-fungible tokens and its history in relationship to cryptocurrency makes buying and selling an integral part of the art form itself.

Attempts to disconnect aesthetics from commerce are not only a historical fail but a failure to recognize the realities of the conditions under which cryptoart is produced and distributed.

More importantly for collectors with dreams of cashing in, tactics like wash trading are a reminder that the warm, fuzzy cryptoart scene has some sharp edges. Do your homework!

CryptoArtists of Color at CryptoArtNet

We continue our Identity Series with CryptoArtists of Color at CryptoArtNet. Daïm Aggott-Hönsch and oculardelusion each suggested the topic separately which I thought was a great idea!

The shortness of the list surprised me but I hope that will change. I would have expected the concept to include more people but I reached out with a group email and maybe some folks missed it. It also may be a more culturally specific term rather than one used around the world. I really don’t know!

If you are listed on CryptoArtNet and identify as an artist of color, however you define that catchall term for race/ethnicity/identity, please contact me so I can add you to this post: clyde(at)cryptoartnet(dot)com

If you’d like to create a listing and be included, please start here.

This post is a follow-up to Women of CryptoArtNet, which will eventually have a Part 2, and will in turn be followed by LGBTQ CryptoArtists and CryptoArtists 50 and Over.

CryptoArtists of Color (Alphabetical with notes from Artists’ Listings)

abstract imageCabo

I love various arts of abstract, creative, innovative, inspirational, and motivational themes.

My heart is in poetry and writings as well. Soon I will share some of my works in that regard.

Being a part of the CryptoArtNet community is exciting and I’m very much looking forward to the growth of this platform.

This is a more than an opportunity of displaying art. It is a freedom of expression, an avenue that will provide art lovers a look into the creations of creative minds, emotions, and outlooks.

So come often, share, and enjoy the journey of digital art on the blockchain. After all, it’s more than a moment, it’s the future of immutable craft.

Twitter: @CryptoAutobot

Neel Yadevgiant arrow crushing human on ground

Student of life, death, the human condition and everything in between – a jack of all trades; master of none.

Twitter: @n831y

oculardelusionabstract image

I’m a writer and multidisciplinary artist transplanted from the West Coast of California to the Norfolk coast of England.

My visual work straddles analog and digital media – from traditional letterpress printing to still and moving lens-based images and large-scale animated projections on medieval buildings. A longtime participant in multiuser digital worlds, I’m currently exploring the possibilities of VR and cryptoart as tools of expression.

Founding member of, a group of UK-based cryptoartists bringing a diversity of voices to the cryptoart space.

Twitter: @oculardelusion

Osinachiman holding a lamb in arms

Aesthetically and procedurally, Osinachi’s work explores visible existence as protest. The artist is interested in depicting and reimagining how individuals and collectives engage in advocacy for freedom of identity by thwarting societal expectations. This could be through the things they wear, the paraphernalia they adorn themselves with, or simply by being and existing in a form (albeit harmless) that the society frowns upon.

Through his work, Osinachi indirectly calls out the society to acknowledge its shame and failures. Drawing from his experiences as an Igbo person, he creates figurative portraits that feature subjects often posing in bold and assertive positions and, whether they are nude or dressed in African textile prints, they initiate conversations that most people are often hesitant to have around identity – sexual, gender, cultural and otherwise.

From a genuinely happy and successful single mother to a man in a dress, Osinachi’s subjects appear without eyes, prompting the viewer to shut their own eyes against physical appearances when judging an individual’s essence and worth. Sometimes, the artist takes a cue from ‘80s black-and-white portrait photographs, which he grew up seeing in homes across South-East Nigeria.

Twitter: @Prince_Jacon

Sami Lingabstract image

Sami is a creative tech professional whose expertise spans many disciplines and programs.

She has 7 years experience producing work under the banner of many international household brands (Disney, Universal, Nickelodeon etc), through blockchain she offers her experiments with algorithmically generated digital abstract expressionism.

Twitter: @MikailaDeady

sturecabstract image

I am a multifaceted artist with a lifetime of trying to find a career that not only suites but also inspires. trying a multitude of different crafts. Geometry loves colors and I love them both.

Studied industrial engineering back in college and have masters degrees in graphic design and computer technologies. Love coding, designing, tattooing and swing trading.

Twitter: @sturec5

CryptoArtNet appreciates diversity in all its forms. Join us!

CryptoArt: A New Asset Class Emerges

red square artwork

Museum of Crypto Art Purchased Pak’s “Red” for 29.1262 Eth

Recently I presented the perspective that current segmentation of NFT-related businesses tends to overlook the dominant presence of art and design which arguably undervalues the cryptoart market. Regardless of your take on such things, such models are an important element of how cryptoart is valued as an asset class.

Which models will be taken up as more investors and speculators enter the scene may well be dependent on moves by already established forces outside the cryptoart scene. However, for the moment, the most relevant work is being conducted by insider analysts and the artists themselves.

Previously on CryptoArt News

Is the CryptoArt Market Undervalued? Aren’t NFTs Mostly CryptoArt?

Includes references to reports available via The Non-Fungible News as well as to Andrew Steinwold’s article “The first $100m in NFTs.”

A Newbie Collector’s View

As more collectors enter the space, considering their experiences and early impressions will help in developing a more approachable and understandable cryptoart market:

CV VC Global Report: Blockchain in Art

CoinTelegraph is helping promote a sneak peek of an upcoming report from “Big Four auditor PwC and Swiss blockchain investment firm CV VC” on companies and trends developing uses of blockchain in the artworld.

The full CV VC Global Report: Blockchain in Art “will be published in the upcoming weeks” and will be discussed in a livestreamed event on August 12th.

Here’s the Sneak Peek.

NFT Fractions: New Ways to Collect and Speculate

The concept of NFT Fractions is a great fit for collectors, speculators and artists wishing to maximize gain. Check out for more.

DeFi Rate
Fractional NFT Ownership Heats Up – Niftex Shards Skyrocket
Cooper Turley

Can Performance Art Be Collected As NFTs?

Performance art is typically collected in the form of documentation and physical objects created during performances. Some artists and collectors, as well as museums, are exploring the collection of the reproduction rights of performances and that has led to experiments with licensing and contracts.

Perhaps the creative approach taken in the distribution of HOW ARE WE can serve as a starting point for addressing the collection of performance art with NFTs.

The Value of a Pixel

The recent purchase of Pak‘s “Red Pixel” work called “Red” by the Museum of Crypto Art set off a discussion about valuation.

Hazmus shared thoughts and gathered responses:

On Art and Value: Part 1 ~ Part 2

$WHALE: Experiments in Valuation

$WHALE is a social currency launched earlier this year by WhaleShark.Pro that is backed by non-fungible tokens gathered in a basket called The Vault.

The Vault’s valuation is audited by NonFungible which produced the $WHALE Vault Audit in May and July of this year.

CryptoArt Valuation Tools

Blockchaingamer’s Analytics database is a new tool for comparing NFT assets.

NonFungibles’ NFT Market Overview is a key resource.

Media Coverage of the CryptoArt and NFT Markets

NFT token sales hit $100 million as virtual economy booms
Greg Thomson

Are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) art and investment product of the future? A look on Upland

NEDEROB / Play to Earn:
Five Major Trends in the NFT Market in 2020 So Far

Future Tech Rumors:
‘Digital Art’ Framed And Collected On Blockchain

Yield Farming Expands From Finance to Digital Collectibles
Brady Dale

Is the CryptoArt Market Undervalued? Aren’t NFTs Mostly CryptoArt?

Colorful dolls and beadworks on table

African Market by Sharonang via Pixabay

In evaluating the cryptoart market, one typically separates cryptoart from other collectibles and related sectors of the NFT industry as a whole. The resulting analysis, based on data provided by NonFungible gives one a sense of the cryptoart market as relatively small, lagging behind other sectors, but promising in its recent growth. However, what if the manner in which such sectors are segmented undervalues the actual cryptoart market?

NonFungible is an excellent source of NFT (non-fungible token) data and they periodically issue short “NFT Ecosystem Performance” reports on their blog. Recent examples include a report on “NFT Ecosystem Segmented Performance” as well as “Art, Trading Card Games, Domain Names” for the first half of 2020.

Alternate Approaches to Categorizing NFTs

In that last post the Art category focuses on the big three marketplaces, SuperRare, Known Origin and MakersPlace, while art-heavy categories such as Trading Card Games and Collectibles are reported separately. When we put all the categories together, NonFungible’s Market Overview shows us that, by their reckoning, we are now over $100 million in lifetime NFT sales volume.

Andrew Steinwold breaks up the market a bit differently in his recent response to NonFungibles work. While he also discusses cryptoart in terms of marketplaces, he separates art-heavy categories into Collectibles and Game Assets and also introduces the design-focused Culture Tokens category. But what would happen if we organized things a bit differently?

Are These Approaches Actually Categorizing Forms of Cryptoart?

I’m not criticizing the work of either NonFungible or Andrew Steinwold. They both base their takes on clear analysis and they tell you what they’re doing and how they break it down. That’s what you want from such reports. Even if you view things differently, they’ve named their terms and have valid reasons for so doing.

I’m not going to rework the numbers though I wish I had time for such a project. But I do want to point out some reasons why I think the above approaches underestimate the value of the cryptoart market by essentially moving a bunch of art into other categories!

Collectibles Such as CryptoKitties are CryptoArt

Though Steinwold separates collectibles such as CryptoKitties from game assets, projects like CryptoKitties are often referred to as games. But, however you look at it, CryptoKitties, Avastars and CryptoPunks are all essentially systems for creating and trading art.

If you look at them as collectibles, how are they not art? If you saw them on one of the cryptoart platforms they’d fit right in.

If you look at them as games, consider two scenarios:

When you take the game elements out of CryptoKitties, you still have art.
When you take the art out of CryptoKitties, there is no game.

I should insert a Keanu Reeves “Whoa” meme here, right?

Game Assets are CryptoArt

What is an Axie but a piece of art that battles other pieces of art?

What are trading cards if not pieces of art?

See the two CryptoKitties scenarios above and apply here as well.

What Happens When We Don’t Separate Art and Design?

The separation of art and design is a convention with which not all of us agree. It is easy to maintain that design and architecture are just ways of making art. Basing that separation on notions of what is practical and what is not impoverishes all forms of art and of what it means to be human.

That said, Steinwold’s “Culture Tokens” are essentially graphic art and product design. Virtual worlds such as Decentraland and Cryptovoxels are essentially massive design projects full of art, graphic art, architectural design and designed products.

All the Interesting Forms of NFTs are CryptoArt

The most boring NFTs are things like tickets, real world stuff and anything else that isn’t cryptoart. The closer one gets to accounting and record-keeping the further one gets from art making. These practices are essential to an art market, but NFTs like tickets are about accounting and record-keeping without art and they are boring as fuck.

So, if you’re crunching NFT numbers, please consider what happens when you include all the art in the cryptoart market.

And please keep in mind when you see headlines about the NFT market that they are primarily headlines about cryptoart.