NFT and Crypto Art Security

CryptoArtNet Founder @fluxresearch maintains the @NFTSecurity Twitter account.

Note: NFT and Crypto security go hand in hand. And they’re built on solid communications security.


NFT and Crypto Security Guides

Decrypt – How to Keep Your NFTs Safe

Consensys – Know What You’re Consenting To With Permissions and Approvals in MetaMask

MyCrypto – Why You Shouldn’t Trust Links

@richerd – On Securing Your NFTs

@wilxlee – red flags in nft projects


Examples of NFT Scams

Caught In 4K – The secret inner workings of a NFT Pump & Dump Group

Motherboard – 4 NFT Projects Took Investors’ Money and Disappeared in One Day

Vice – Bored Ape Yacht Club, Other Major NFT Project Discords Hacked by Scammers


NFT and Crypto Security Tools

Ethereum Token Approvals – From Etherscan (core research tool) – Revoke Ethereum Token Allowances


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