CryptoArtNet Artists Featured on New Platforms: Art Mine, Async Blueprints, BrainDrops

two abstract works of art side by side

Jonas Kasper Jensen and Brandi Kyle on Art Mine

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We’ll figure it out as we go. I think the range and depth of artists represented on CryptoArtNet will make for an interesting take on the state of cryptoart in 2022.

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Twitter Spaces: Wed, January 19, Noon, Eastern Time

CryptoArtNet members Daniella Attfield and Clyde F. Smith will join a discussion with Aleksandra Art on price and value in cryptoart.

Art Mine by Playform

Machine learning art platform Playform adds Art Mine, an AI art collection creation tool and marketplace.

Members of CryptoArtNet help kick things off with Brandi Kyle‘s Unusual Fluids collection and Jonas Kasper Jensen‘s Europa collection.

Jonas Kasper Jensen Newsletter

Jensen also recently launched an email newsletter for those wishing to follow his art practice.

Async Blueprints by Async Art

Async Blueprints adapts Async Art’s unique approach to layered NFTs to the cryptoart collectible editions scene.

Early participants include CryptoArtNet members Alotta Money, with Thousand Headers Coterie, Rutger van der Tas, with 51 Layers, and Mehak Jain, with Chess Players.

BrainDrops: A platform for AI-generated Art

BrainDrops is another platform for creating NFT art collections. Its initial launch included the podGANS collection by Pindar Van Arman.

$WHALE Community’s Arium Gallery

The $WHALE Community recently announced an update of their Arium gallery including works by Giant Swan, Brendan Dawes and Reinhard Schmid.

Lots more CryptoArt News to come from CryptoArtNet members!

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Please Support CryptoArt Community-Centered Artist BruceTheGoose

[Want to help? Skip to the end of the post for details about the cryptoart benefit auction and related sales now taking place on Sunday December 20 at 2 pm Eastern Time.]

Yesterday morning many of us became aware that cryptoartist BruceTheGoose had experienced a major loss after his wallet was hacked.

So please don’t send donations to any ETH address you have for him until he announces a new one!

screenshot of tweet

The loss was considerable:

screenshot of tweet

So WTF is BruceTheGoose and Why Should I Care?

Glad you asked. BruceTheGoose is an OG cryptoartist and by that I don’t just mean he’s been creating and promoting his own art since the early days. He’s done a heck of a lot to build the scene from which all cryptoartists can now benefit.

For example, as he states in his CryptoArtNet profile (where you can find many links to his online/cryptoart presence):

Recently, and without actually intending to, I founded what I believe is the world’s first blockchain-native LGBTQ+ initiative. Initially the intention was simply to have a Pride parade in the Metaverse while the world is shut down, but it was met with so much encouragement and appreciation that it would’ve felt like a disservice to everyone involved had we not made something more out of it.

We’re still solidifying things, and figuring out the best method of supporting / promoting queer creators in the NFT space, as well as aiming to bring more traditional artists into the Metaverse; but at present we have a gallery in CV and an NFT minting contract that are accessible to any LGBTQ+ creators that want to utilize them. More info can be found at the Nifty Pride website. We’re also formulating tokenomics and HODL’ing incentives for our native token, $FAB (Fabulous Funds).

Among other things, BruceTheGoose is also:

Someone who’s been supportive of a wide range of projects, people and initiatives including Untitled, the “first generalized NFT focused hackathon”. He also gave advice and information to many of the projects which resulted;

The first independent artist to create artwork for Wildcards, a cryptoart organization raising funds for conservation;

Possibly the first ordained minister offering Metaverse wedding ceremonies. While this was initially another way of supporting LGBTQ+ individuals in the space, his services are open to anyone unable to have a traditional wedding as the pandemic continues;

Currently building NFThub as a free resource for the larger NFT community.

Not surprisingly, his fellow cryptoartists responded strongly to his loss including Rogan X who is organizing a benefit cryptoart auction for Wednesday, December 16:

screengrab of tweet

Check the comments from the above tweet for responses from many of the 20 artists who have already pledged or donated pieces for the auction.

The response has been strong and we’re just getting started:

BruceTheGoose soon endorsed the effort and thanked all those giving their support:

screenshot of tweet

Information About the Benefit

Details are still being solidified but here’s what we know.

The benefit auction has been rescheduled for Sunday, December 20th, 2 pm Eastern Time and will take place at danil pan‘s Art Gallery Auction House on Telegram.

Rogan X pledges to continue the auction until BruceTheGoose’s losses are restored or Rogan X collapses!

If you’d like to donate art, please send it to roganx.eth:

After bids for art are accepted, there may be a delay in receipt. Rogan X will be waiting for low gwei to reduce TXN costs.

Contact Rogan X directly with questions about the auction.

Breaking News: Mintable is offering support:

screenshot of tweet

And KnownOrigin is also participating:

screenshot of tweet

More updates to follow. This is even bigger than an auction!

I’ll be donating art. Will you?

CryptoArt News: Media Appearances by CryptoArtNet Members

This edition of CryptoArt News focuses on recent coverage of CryptoArtNet members mostly from the last two months. I have to say I was a bit surprised to see that some of the main media outlets covering cryptoartists predominantly featured CryptoArtNet members during this time. We’re still less than 300 members but we punch way above our weight!

This is a very stripped down version with links to member listings and to the articles or video sources. Subsections are in no particular order. There’s so much here I just cut and pasted and left it at that.


#ArtProject2020 – Women Leading the Art and Tech Movement
Featuring Sarah Zucker and Angie Taylor

Daniel Crowley: Adventures in NFTs — An Interview with Kristy Glas

Sunstar Davao: Star of her own canvas
Vyannka Pauline Balasabas aka squirterer

NBC News featuring Lawrence Lee and Matt Kane
How blockchain technology reached Christie’s and changed the art world along the way


Async Edition

Sam Brukhman on Kitty Bast and Cultbitz
Kitty Bast x Cultbitz

William M. Peaster on Bard Ionson
Transcendence in “The Gate”
Distortion Genius: Bard Ionson, a Singular Artist for a New Age


Ann Marie Alanes Interviews CryptoArtists

Paola Castillo: How Digital Artists Succeed With Cryptoart, Acknowledging Black Artists & How To Treat Collectors

YouTube: Videos

Featuring Paola Castillo and Fabin Rasheed


Known Origin

Clyde F. Smith aka Flux ArtGuest Editor
Featuring Kitty Bast, CECHK, squirterer, Nadart

karan4dArtist Spotlight

Tierras RarasArtist Spotlight

defiantsquidArtist Spotlight

This Giddy FutureArtist Spotlight


Behind the Screens with Serena Tabacchi
An Interview Series from Known Origin and MoCDA

Behind the Screens with Lawrence Lee

Behind the Screens with Sparrow, Gisel X Florez and Angie Taylor

Behind the Screens with CECHK and Kitty Bast

Behind the Screens with Karan


Josie Bellini: Behind the Art – Season 2

Fewocious – Behind the Art with Josie #27

YouTube: Season 2 Playlist

Appearances by Fabin Rasheed, Giant Swan, parrottism, Fewocious, Pr1mal Cypher


SuperRare Editorial

Bard Ionson: Am I an Artist? Journey to SuperRare

Fakito: Argentinian Gen-Z

Fakito: from a Hobby to a Job

Milton Sanz: Alone with myself

SR Interview with Milton Sanz: Between Darkness and Light

Okytomo: Ruins

Luno aka twoclicks: Boing, boing (and a LA) — Postmortem

Rutger van der Tas: From Rembrandt to Golden Girl

Studio Nouveau – Mist

Studio Nouveau
Crypto Music: A Way Forward for the Music Industry

parrott_ism: Inside Down, Upside Out

FEWOCiOUS: Figuring out Who I Am

Yusaymon: from Streets to SuperRare

An Exploration of High Weirdness: Interviewing Sarah Zucker

Julian Brangold: Aesthetic of Uncanny Realism


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BitBasel CryptoArt Event Debuts With Miami Vice Themed NFT Art Contest

neon image of palm tree

Miami Cryptocurrency Community Hosts First Ever BitBasel Art Event in Wynwood

“Miami, a hub of music, art, culture and technology, where beauty and innovation merge. And no better place than Wynwood, Miami’s Art District to celebrate the NFT and CryptoArt Revolution.”

CryptoArtist and NFT Curator, Johnny Dollar

BitBasel takes place December 5th, 2020 from 6pm to Midnight, Miami Time!

Art Basel may be canceled but the spirit of Miami Art Week continues. The Miami Crypto community will gather on December 5th to host BitBasel, a hybrid in-person and live-streamed gallery showcasing the latest and greatest in the CryptoArt world.

The event will take place at Bitmining market, a Bitcoin Cafe located in the heart of Wynwood, and will feature the top influencers and artists from the cryptocurrency industry experimenting with a new medium of digital art named Non Fungible Tokens (NFT).

NFT Gallery Featuring CryptoArt by such artists as:

Coldie 3d

Alotta Money

Max Osiris

Matt Kane

Gary Cartlidge

Robness Cyberpop

Johnny Dollar

Gus GG

lulu xXX

Franky Nines


[Links to CryptoArtNet Listing pages]

Plus Live Painting by Johnny Dollar!


neon colored palm lined avenue with leaping dolphin in distance

NFT Art Contest – Theme: Miami Vice

Bitbasel is holding a ‘Miami Vice’ themed NFT contest in support of local Miami not for profits and other crypto-friendly charities. Top submissions will also win cash prizes!

Deadline Extended!

Submit your digital art piece here by December 3rd at 11:59 pm, Miami Time!

BitBasel Panels and Events Include:

Gallery Panel

The illustrious purveyors of ecstasy for the eyes – Curators of cutting edge art. The act of displaying, promoting and selling digital art assets.

Jason Rosenstein Co-Founder at, Kate Vass Founder at Kate Vass Gallery,
David Moore Co Founder at KnownOrigin
Beatriz Helena Ramos Creator of DADA

Marketplace Panel

The Modern Bazaar – Crypto art is booming, learn how you can discover the hottest new and established artists from the comfort your computer screen.

Devin Finzer Co-Founder at Open Sea
Alexander Salnikov Co-Founder at Rarible
James Waugh Community Manager at Near
Roham Gharegozlou CEO at Dapper Labs
Jesse Johnson Creator of Aavegotchi

Artists Panel

Avant Garde Artists, Digitally Scarce NFT’s – Creators of Wow! Artists who utilize cutting edge technology to showcase their art globally.

Rares Krilla
Frankie Nines

Hybrid Event

Join us online or in person for networking and drinks. Bringing back Miami’s great crypto events in a hybrid manner, chat in person or online.

Get Your Tickets!

FREE Online Sign-up gets you access to the virtual stream full of education and influencers in the digital art space plus the first 50 people to sign up will get the award winning Miami Vice theme NFT and everyone after 50 will be entered in for your chance to win.

For more info: ~ Twitter: @bitbaselmiami

[Post based on promo material from BitBasel and Johnny Dollar]