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      Flux Research

      The basic CryptoArtNet website is pretty much in place. The Artist Directory is still a work-in-progress or what is sometimes called a Minimum Viable Product.

      The CryptoArtNet Concept

      The concept of the Directory pages is not to provide full portfolios or replace artist websites, though they can serve in a pinch for those not ready to launch a more developed site. For those with fully developed websites, CryptoArtNet will serve as an additional marketing tool.

      Each artist page is currently somewhere between the free and paid versions of Linktree with room for numerous links, a modest image gallery and embedded content such as Twitter feeds and videos. At launch the only uploadable content option is static photos but I am working on options for gif and video uploads.

      The site as a whole goes beyond a collection of Linktree pages. CryptoArtNet is intended to be a discovery platform for artists creating cryptoart. If a critical mass of artists participate, CryptoArtNet will benefit all participants by becoming a leading spot for finding out about who’s doing what and where that work can be purchased.

      Future Developments

      Future developments will be focused on artist needs. If additional directory categories are added, such as cryptoart galleries, the artist category will still be featured. However, additional listings may come in the form of resource pages. Either way, the additions will contain information useful to artists as well as those trying to learn more about cryptoart.

      Early adopters will be featured in a Founding Artists category. I want you to have special recognition for taking a chance on something new.

      I also want to see everyone get paid. I am brainstorming ideas about monetization beyond tipping and links to cryptoart for sale. More on that soon.

      Technical Considerations

      In many respects, CryptoArtNet is a Web 2.0 project supporting artists embracing Web 3.0. It’s currently hosted on Siteground, using WordPress plus Cloudflare. However, privacy standards are a bit closer to Web 3.0 values. Though I want to get a sense of the actual traffic we have, I won’t be monetizing via the sale of your data!

      Though I am learning more about decentralized options, such as the Interplanetary File System (IPFS) and related services like Pinata, those are unlikely to bear fruit in the short term. For example, IPFS plugins for WordPress are discussed online but the link trail typically leads to 404 pages and the like. I’ve seen this stage of development before and things will get easier but they are not ready for me yet.

      At a possible future data, if developer(s) are brought on board, then becoming as decentralized as possible would be more likely. For now, I’m focusing on what I know. To be perfectly frank, using Cloudflare is new to me and that killed two days due to unforeseen issues. Things are never as push and play as they appear.

      My Focus

      So I intend to respect people’s values but I will be most focused on meeting the actual needs of this transitional time. Cryptoart is in its very early stages but is in no way a passing fad. Cryptocollectibles, such as game items and big brand doodads, will continue to get the most public attention and early adoption. But I believe cryptoart will be a major element in the growth of Web 3.0 and we are all lucky enough to be in on the ground floor.

      Clyde F. Smith

      aka Your Man, Flux Research



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