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Yusaymon since February 2017, create art on the blockchain with traditional paintings and mixed media + his experiences, interpretations like a wild rebellious inner child in forms and colors. Graphic Designer, Dry painting artist, and musician. His NFTs are his way to interpret about the human condition and psyche for a common good.

“The detectives and lawyers wanted to know my whereabouts. My mother had escaped with me to a place called ‘happy hill’ with a man that I thought was my biological father. It was not a happy hill; it was a clandestine and dangerous area where I spent part of my childhood locked up with recycled sheets, crayons, some books, abuse, mistreatment and drugs… my refuge in the darkness are these paintings that spill… molded by duality, I recycle my pain..”

You have extensive digital artwork on SuperRare – the majority, if not all, are portraits, with distinct digital touches – with an emphasis on the eyes. In the middle of the forehead is now your recognizable wheel and spoke motif– could you talk us through their symbolism and their meaning?

Yes, its symbolism encompasses what I believe is the ‘’sixth sense,’’ which I believe we all have. It refers to the images that are always present in our minds. I see it representing inner wisdom and the entrance that leads to our inner self, inner realms and higher states of consciousness – for me, it has always been important to understand the knowledge that others have shared with me, and the cyclical result is that we are all one synergy that breathes, knows and represents – it is a symbol that I designed to remind us that we are all one, in different perspectives and life processes.

We How did you start off painting portraits – and how did your work develop into the current representation of the characters?

I started painting when I was around 9 years old, but my approach became more aesthetic as time went by. Life circumstances led me to have more social experiences – for me it was difficult to socialize because of a childhood completely away from the system – in those moments I focused a lot on how human relationships work.

I had a mixture of religious experiences and interpersonal experiences. In my daily life I decided to make more portraits and draw faces, as each face reminds me of a metamorphosis of myself – Yusaymon. My portraits were being reborn in a chaotic abstract, a surreal but therapeutic process.

Yusaymon was introduced to the world of blockchain in 2017 by a friend in Venezuela. Intrigued he continued to learn about the technology and eventually came across the Steemit social blogging platform.

“Steemit was the first opportunity for me to earn crypto from my art.”

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