Yog Joshi

Artist Statement

Hello my name is Yog. I am an illustrator / visual development artist. My specialties lie in environment illustrations and background layouts for games and films. Most of my work consists of worlds that spark a sense of wonder and magic.

A fun fact, I created one of the earliest Ethereum digital paintings/illustrations, dating back to October 20, 2017. You can see the true value of this artwork by doing a simple Google image search of the following terms: “Ethereum Art / Artwork/ Painting / Digital Art, etc.” My work should show up as the first result or in the top results. It is called “Ether in the sky”. Since this painting has history and proof of work (process video), I believe it has the potential of being one of the rarest collectibles available in the market.

Aside from offering “Ether in the Sky” on Rarible, I plan to offer unique animated and still artworks that will surely capture the attention of collectors!

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