Van Gango

Artist Statement

Van Gango is not only a figurative painter, he is not even just an abstract artist.

He is not an amateur, but neither too professional.

Van Gango is not an academic. He is not a politician or warmonger.

Van Gango is not Flemish. He was born on November 3 in a seaside place in Italy

Van Gango is not creative for self wanting, Van Gango is not concrete for wanting others.

He is not a cartoonist, nor an illustrator.

Van Gango paints not to die and does not die to continue painting.

He is neither orderly nor fussy, he does not like unnecessary details, but he does not blame those who paint them.

Van Gango has no anyone critical texts and does not paint to have photos with famous people.

He does not work only for himself, he does not work only for others.

Van Gango does not believe that art is definable, does not believe that it is one, does not believe that it is the same for everyone.

Van Gango does not like fences and cages, he does not believe that creativity can be chained,

does not appreciate censorship and whoever puts it into practice.

Van Gango does not believe that “being” is enough to make art just as he does not believe that to make art is enough to make it.

Van Gango does not believe that one can be an artist by having clean hands, a white coat and a calm mind.

Van Gango does not think that selling his work is wrong, nor that selling it is enough to feel satisfied.

Van Gango never says “This is art and that is not”, art speaks for itself and needs no spokesperson.

Van Gango does not use a single technique because he does not believe one is enough.

Van Gango lives in traditional art and crypto art.

Michelangelo Sassi, in arte Van Gango.

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