Uwe Heine Debrodt

A close up of a toy
Artist Statement

My studies in the school of chemistry, were essential as they gave me a scientific perspective towards the elements and the origin of nature. The subjects that attracted me the most were microbiology and cellular physiology in which we use the laboratory´s microscopes. I found it really amazing to watch this microuniverse with it´s shapes, structures, etc

 My plastic productions have been painting and sculpture I use different techniques, such as oil, airbrush, drawing and in sculpture RAKU ceramics.

However I have always been interested in visual and sound technology where I have made audiovisual video art productions that have been presented in the best video art festivals around the world.And I have experimented for many years with the digital production of digital images and animated gifs, experimenting with different software’s and rendering engines. I also use various techniques where my paintings, drawings, photographs and 3D animations are present.

Technology is very important for production in all spheres of art, and new technology is being incorporated every time. The artist must always be studying the management and use of software to have the tools and the technique to be able to improve his work and express it properly, always trying to experiment and innovate.

The artist today has to be multidisciplinary and be able to take advantage of current technology in order to give more strength to his work, I think the artist has to be committed to awakening a certain degree of awareness oriented to the changes that are happening on our planet and that his Work should maintain the critical balance with aesthetics.

I think that my work in the places that has been exposed has a similar impact since plastic & audiovisual ideas are of a broad spectrum in the global culture, on one side the forms and colors of nature are within our consciousness of humanity And can be perceived similarly anywhere, also much of the current problems are common in various regions of the planet.


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