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TWISTEDSISTER.IO is a project-based multidisciplinary collective of artists and designers exploring new avenues of artistic production in the digital realm. Connecting visual thinking, game theory and incentive systems as elements of social interaction and collaborative creation practices, the eponymous project investigates the forces behind manifestations of self-portrayals in social media networks.

Mirroring the self in the digital realm has opened up a vast array of forms of representations fuelled by the incentive mechanisms of social networks. In an act of commodification the virtual self is not self-directed, instead we allow peers, whether humans, bots or corporate algorithms to cast their expectations upon on us.  The project is an exploration in the intricacies of the Digital Self suspended in blissful manipulations by humans, bots and corporate algorithms.

With the emergence of new digital instruments comes new ways of exploring what role the body plays in both physical and virtual environments.
– MoCDA: Museum of Contemporary Digital Art is: Armin Blasbichler, Brigitte Fässler, Julian Humm, Matthias Pfäffli
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