This Giddy Future

Artist Statement

Experimental fine arts. Bright, stylized, digital. Pretty colors for the people.

“Inspired by the novelty of change”

Creative pseudonym, exhibit title…; THIS GIDDY FUTURE is a digital artistic identity for producing and publishing 2D & 3D abstractions across the metaverse. Debuting in 2018 on Instagram from Austin Texas, by 2020 the studio project had expanded to include VR/360 works and purchasable NFTs.

Living on social media platforms, websites, in galleries, and on blockchains THIS GIDDY FUTURE uses the propagation of art anywhere to expand reach and gain providence. We are our own self-importance. If we did not platform ourselves, no one would come to the rescue. The radical act of “doing” is what matters. THIS GIDDY FUTURE exists, because it was created; it’s experienced because it was delivered. Evidence of participation is status. Evidence of ‘evidence of participation’ is also status.

Driven by a pursuit of using “cool technologies” the visual aesthetics come from asking “what happens when I try this?” Enthusiasm for working with new media tools underpins the overall project. Strong influences from Collage Art, Glitch/Generative Art, Motion Art, and Trash Art . Presenting with the following digital standards: 300dpi, 16:9, 60fps, 4K, sRGB.



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