Suren Seneviratne

Artist Statement

I want my music to write itself.

I’m always using my tools in different ways to find parallels or alternate
meanings. Can this be played backwards? This curiosity stems from the
DIY philosophy where I learn as I go along. My inspiration is the magic of
the unexpected. Chance and happy accidents are encouraged because
they go beyond my imagination and lead me down new paths.


I make a music for which I am not so much the composer as the listener too —
John Cage

It’s all about process. Be it a microphone, cassette tape or digital
synthesizer, exploring a (sound) object’s materiality, purpose and function
helps me recycle preconceived ideas into something unique. I find just as
much pleasure playing an instrument upside down as I do the ‘right’ way.
What happens if I replace X with Y?

I haven’t had formal musical training, I ‘play by ear’ so to speak. This
naivety allows me the freedom to cut-and-paste cross-genre methods and
sensibilities without fear. Increasingly I’m focussing on how music is made
as opposed to what it might sound like at the end. I use my hands now
more than ever as I feel it gets me inside of the music, closer to the

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