Rogan X

Artist Statement

Hello! My name is Rogan X from Alberta, Canada!

I enjoy long moonlit walks on your cerebellum and riding a rollercoaster of emotions. I spend lots of time moving pixels around so that the end result draws you in and keeps you enthralled. I hope you enjoy my chaotic and unpredictable aesthetic! I run a remix project called #remixrogan that is designed to challenge the community and provide a humorous take on the serious world of cryptoart!

I also write poetry and perform spoken word. If you’re interested in supporting me, please reach out on Twitter, Telegram or Cent. I am the issuer of $ROGUE, a social currency made in partnership with Roll. You can earn $ROGUE in several ways by interacting with my art, trading for some on Uniswap or even coming to visit me in CryptoVoxels! will bring you directly to my gallery in the CryptoVoxels world, where you can experience what I’ve cooked up and also what others have remixed based on my work.

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