pbock (Peter Bock)

Artist Statement

Mad scientist Extraordinaire, Programmer and tech geek, currently working as a Ruby on Rails developer, running a blog on a cryptocurrency-based system (Hive), and otherwise exploring the Brave New world before us as best as I possibly can !

My artistic approach tends to use a variety of different tools (listed below) and combines images taken from various sources (always attributed and allowed) or generative imagery mixed and remixed untill I see a “pattern” that I like, at which point I’ll manipulate the image using my tools to bring the pattern out as best as I can.


Tools :

  • generative art tools (Weavesilk, Artbreeder)
  • AI-based tools (Deep Dream, Deep Style)
  • Classic image editing and drawing programs (GIMP, G’MIC-qt plugin, Flame Painter 4, Rebelle 3…).
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