Artist Statement

About a month ago, someone asked me if I was a digital artist and I said, “heaven forbid, I create real art that people can touch!” Shortly thereafter, I rethought my position. Considering that 95% of the art I’ve created over the past three years on a daily basis was made on my phone and tablet, I AM a digital artist and my work touches people.

My artistic process has always involved layering of media and my digital art is no different. When I create a painting on canvas, for example, I typically layer paint over thickly applied coats of gesso and then add chalk and oil pastel, pencil, marker, paper strips, enamel and even plaster and found objects over the painted surface. The finished piece will be textural and three dimensional. (I abhor a flat surface.)

When I create digital art, I will typically create a base image in Photoshop and then run that image through multiple FX applications to get a layered effect.

A lot of my digital work, which I call “fElonArt”, was created for financial Twitter aka “fintwit”. Specifically, fElonArt appeals to a niche community of short-sell investor-activists who are highly critical of Elon Musk and his companies and appreciate the parody and humour inherent in my fElonArt creations. Early fElonArt circa 2018 was largely image-based. Of late, I have focused on gif and video production using Artificial Intelligence software and mobile device “deepfake” applications. I am constantly trying out new FX apps and, between my phone and my tablet, rotate between 100+ apps on a regular basis.

I also create digital art that, thematically, celebrates female surfers, skimboarders and skateboarders. I just started dabbling in generative art, specifically layering previous pieces, both fElonArt and surfer/skater/skimboarder art, to create work that’s entirely new.

I’m an obsessive person by nature and when something captures my interest, I tend to lose myself in it. Recently, I’ve been totally immersed in the world of cryptoart. It fascinates me during the day and at night, I dream about it.

My art has been purchased by patrons from around the world and I’ve won international awards for my corporate advertising campaigns. But I won’t rest on my laurels; I fully intend to make my mark in the world of cryptoart!

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