Artist Statement

I aim to create value by treating videos as “Objects”.

I have directed animation and film trailers in Japan.
I’ve produced tens of thousands of hours of video.
One day, I realized that video is a temporary existence, where beauty exists in the moment.
I am a person who knows the beauty of videos, and I have been pursuing them at a high level.
Therefore, I believe my role is to provide the world with this beautiful momentary video as an “object” that will exist forever.
I will continue to challenge myself to create this new value.

The theme of my art works are to express the invisible, and my works can be displayed in everyday life.
Since 2010, I have been working on “moving ink painting”.
In order to express myself ink(Japanese traditional black ink) that I draw myself, and 3DCG.
And I’ve developed my own application to frame and play CryptoArt.
Now, I am developing my own way of expression in collaboration with my developed application and CryptoArt.

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