Artist Statement

While in college, he worked for a major art gallery. After graduation, worked in film production.

He received recognition from director Francis F. Coppola when he directed the digitally remastered theatrical trailer for “The Godfather.
In his long experience of directing, he signed a contract with Walt Disney Japan. He has produced a variety of videos.
As for famous animated films, he directed Ending animation of “Transformers: Robots in Disguise” . It was distributed worldwide.
He has experience as a director of animation, movie trailers, commercials, and now creates media art and NFT art works.

In 2010, he created the world’s first “media art” at that time, which made the momentary beauty of images permanent, based on his experience in filmmaking.
It is “moving sumi-e” (endlessly moving picture in a frame). The work is a moving image created mainly using “sumi” ink and “3DCG.
The display method is a display using an application originally developed by himself.
He has also developed its own frames and obtained a utility registration patent.
In 2021, the rights of the moving image works themselves will be objectively protected through the use of NFT.
With the video work, the originally developed display system, and the frame, It will be able to Materialization of the formless.
He continue to challenge the creation of new value between digital and analog.

His new work can be delivered one year after you book it.
If you are interested in purchasing a work, please contact him via email or SNS and discuss your needs.

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