Nils Hansen

Artist Statement

Nils Hansen is an award-winning Crypto Artist and Sculptor. His sculptures have been displayed in public space around the world and his digital works have been collected on the most reknown Crypto Art platforms. They are featured in the Museum of Crypto Art (MoCA), the Whale collection and bought by other famous collectors like MantaXR, Akira and Xray.

Nils Hansen originally trained as a stone sculptor and then further refined his skills in Carrara, Italy – working in traditional media for almost 25 years. After studying Film Design in Berlin he has been creating Digital Art for 15 years.

HansenĀ“s work ranges from time-based digital pieces to elaborate visuals and monumental sculptures, comprising and developing classical subjects in a manifold way. The artist blurs the lines between illusion and existence using traditional and digital creation techniques. Though many of his works spark the desire to obtain and possess them, they are often skillful, nonphysical creations of a fantasy, much as others that seem to be confined to digital space are in reality massive physical creations in stone or metal.

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