Lisa McKendrick

Artist Statement

Visual artist working with traditional and digital methods of making art.  My digital art is often made starting with hand drawn drawings which I then manipulate digitally using a variety of digital software.  I am very interested in the contrast between the texture of pens, coloured pencils and textures made digitally. I like to explore how an image will evolve and become something unexpected. I draw, play and experiment until I am happy with the outcome.  I’m working at the moment with colours contrasted with black and white and juxtaposing with shapes I’ve created and modified. I incorporate glitch, pixelated areas, noise and patterns into the composition.

A lot of my inspiration in my digital art is from music and in addition to making visual art I am also an electronic musician. I have co-designed and developed custom made synths: Chernobylizer and Fort Processor. These are stand alone psycho-geographic noise synths.  My music is a combination of vocals, noise, ambient and experimental. Currently it’s very electronic and synth based music and we use a lot of 8-bit glitchy visuals for live performances. My current music projects are: Nnja Riot and Isn’tses.

I have exhibited my art in London and abroad.

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