Artist Statement

I’m a constant collision of two waves. On the one hand, there’s the rational part, trying to connect as many dots as possible. While on the other hand, there’s an emotional part of me, creating hard to predict fusions. These two resonate differently on the inner and outer realms, but they coexist.

I’m researching the worlds inside and around me through the process of perceiving, analyzing and criticizing social norms and constructs.

My characters often don’t look like beings you can encounter in real life. Their thoughts are transcendent. Sometimes they represent magical impressions, which are derived from real experiences, however sometimes protest, critical ideas and viewpoints, which have been formed in my consciousness through the interaction with the everyday world.

I’m taking ideas, which have been stuck in my head for some time and my personal experiences as a basis. I search for connections using stories, ideas from mythology and eastern philosophy. Thus I start creating.

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