Land Elephant

Artist Statement

I’m an artist with a lot to say through art. My art speak the things I don’t know how to say, exploring the concept of telling stories through lines. Stick around, you might just love my art and stories…

My art is mostly abstract (stills and motion) but you might get something new and different sometimes. My artworks includes abstract art, digital paintings, short stories, illustrations, and animations as well.

I do not confine myself to any art style as that would just be me limiting my creativity and expression. While my art can be subtle, comedic or fun, other times it can be wild – even dark and thought provoking sometimes but it is how I express myself, it is how I have fun, it is how I purge.

I continually explore different worlds and techniques in other to better represent my art and the experience with it.

I let all my emotions, thoughts and ideas out, I understand that everything inside of me is not mine alone and it would be selfish to keep it to myself so if my art speaks to you, you are welcome to collect it, I’d be delighted in the fact that I got through to you with my art and that I’m not alone in my world.

I’m always happy to collaborate, especially if it’s something fun! Also, if you want to network or rub minds, please feel free hit me up!

Land Elephant 🐘

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