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NiftyGateway, MEME, makersplace, super rare, Async, rarible, KO etc

“The works are peculiar representations, often with ‘body marks’ or tattoos, rich with symbolism and references to popular culture. Animals love to make appearances. The work explores perceptions of the body and how one ‘becomes’. Sometimes reflecting those perceptions back to the viewer.”

Interested in the deeper meaning of tattoos, the body and the self. Tattoos and Identity are Intimately woven together. How we perceive & evaluate one individual to the next. Do tattoos on a woman really make her monstrous to some? Do they let the individual reclaim their body, their identity? Do they render the individual ‘Other’. When inside or placed upon an image, does it, or do we ‘become’.

The choices one individual makes when placing art, words or visuals upon their body……it is theirs to own, govern, create and recreate. They are their own artist & they are telling the story of the self. Tattoos have a voice of their own.
I see my NFTs as bodies or selves.

Themes: Identity, pop culture, symbolism, culture, perspective, crypto culture, body, otherness, self, society.

We are like magpies… plucking, stealing, cherry picking elements of the world around us & storing it in our nest we call identity.

Fave Artists include: Louise Bourgeois, Paula Rego, Berlinde De Bruyckere, Georgia O’Keeffe, Frida Kahlo, Cindy Sherman, Rachel Goodyear, Rachel Maclean…

Genesis Artvatars Artist. (Project by Manta)

‘Follow the white rabbit’/future art in Sydney, Australia, April 2021.

Coin fest UK/cryptoart event uk exhibition line up in Manchester uk and Decentraland 2020/21

Award and Exhibition for khojaly peace 25th anniversary 2017 House of Commons, London.

Everything starts from something, group exhibition, Holden Gallery, Manchester UK 2019

Graffiti Queens exhibition Decentraland for female digital artists 2021

She Art exhibition London gallery cryptovoxels 2020

Venus of Metaverse Exhibition with woca/MONA

Created installations for Manchester Sick festival

Tattooed body/ladies collaborations with artist styles. 2020- ongoing

Async Tattooed body/lady programmable art project 2020. (Body Marks etc, are digitally changed and controlled by the owner)

Upcoming project/exhibition created by Kitty Bast: WOCA collaboration, Tattooed bodies/ladies.2021

Showing work at CoinFestUk in Manchester & Decentraland 2020

Exhibited work with ‘Venture Arts‘ at Manchester’s Water Palace, Victoria Baths. Selected by Tape Modern and Scaffold Gallery. Artist in ’Art Battle Manchester’ x2, on BBC One.
Tattooist and Studied BA & MA Fine Art at The Manchester School of Art, UK.

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