Artist Statement

I have always felt the need to create

In the past I’ve explored drawing, painting with oils, and printmaking. Currently most of my creative time is focused on wheel thrown pottery, graphic design, and photography. Recently I have started to explore digital painting, video, and audio.

I am interested in details

Crystals forming in a glaze as it cools. A brush stroke that creates movement. One frame of a video as it transitions to another.

I am currently fascinated with the process of digitizing details from the real world. How do the details change? How does it impact our understanding of the real world object? How does the real world object relate to the digital versions?

I explore these questions through a number of processes. Digital macro photos of my ceramic work show amazing details of real world ceramic surfaces. Using various digital tools allows me to alter the perception of everyday objects. Combining images in different ways can create a sense of place or depth. I hope to provide an opportunity for viewers to appreciate these details as well.

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