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I have had several drops on makersplace which have sold out. My work is unlike most CryptoArt because I have a history where ‘duration’ is important and I’m still working through that as a moving image artist – which I have been since 1976. Mostly CryptoArt works are right here, right now… and act as CryptoKoans: often a one take dopamine hit where the message is direct: no past, no future – just right now – the hyper post-modern on steroids… you either get it or you don’t and if you really get it, you buy it, because “in the Kingdom of Consumption the Consumer is King”… (the Situationists understood that the Society of the Spectacle is where you’ll only be anonymous for 15 minutes – if you’re lucky). I also make work which is in fact a DM to the brain – like Barcode Jesus which reads immediately: Can the saviour save a world that is commodified to hell? And then there’s a work like Diamond Beings which is about the same thing but goes back beyond our presence, beyond year zero and in my story with this piece of work, after all 5 pieces of the sequence are finished thats when we start with the universe as it is now. Diamond Beings takes it’s time – the meme is slow to reveal… I figure I’ll release works which will not always be measured by dopamine, nor simply being a cryptic clue for a fast hit, nor necessarily be commercial – if they sell they sell, NFT or not, if you look at them long enough, you will slip into a different way of viewing which includes ellipsis, a slow dopamine recognition over time. With Crypto art, currently the main attitude to pricing is that you start cheap and get more rare and more expensive – but I’ll be putting out some work in the future that will be cheaper than current sales (and certainly way cheaper than some collectors are selling my stuff for – but good luck to them!) – and I’ll be doing that to enable more people to own a piece of work. All my work is 4k video and will look good either on a mobile or a 60 inch screen – and shortly I’ll release an 8k video…

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Guli Silberstein
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