Eric Imsland

Artist Statement

I am an Emergent Artist. Meaning my art is process based and I try to remain in a liminal state while creating art. Ideally this allows me to get “out of the way” and let the creation come in.

My art conveys archetypal symbolism, biomorphic symmetries and mythological figures layered with modern technology. I paint with acrylic and often add mixed media elements to the canvas to convey depth and aging. I shoot film and digital photography and have been combining these photographs to make digital collages. As my art evolves I will be using new softwares, 3D renderings and adding sounds/music to certain works.

A way to view art? To wander into new land and discovery. Visual art is another language we speak to each other and more so even a way of thinking. Decoding artwork can be opaque and even frustrating to some. But if I can offer any hint as to how to view art it would be as a foreign language trying to communicate an abstract concept. As the viewer then, it’s almost unknowable, which gives one freedom to just be with the art. And therefor get a smell of its perfume and essence. Which in-turn might brew some magic within the viewer then or at a later date.


I have been involved in Cryptocurrency since early 2017 and am extremely excited for all of these new artist distribution networks that are popping up and the ability to create NFTs. This is an exiting time and I plan to be in this space for years to come. Lots of love and light to all.

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