Artist Statement

In my current artistic practice I try out new processes of creating shapes and transformation. These studies relate in particular to transformation processes between the analog and the digital. I’m interested in technological automatisms and artificial intelligence, which creep more and more into our everyday life to take over different processes. It was interesting for me to find out that the various algorithms and processes in the software always run through similar procedures, which aim to make the technology more intelligent and independent.

My view is that the use of technology and the questions I have developed open up the boundaries between art and science. Therefore I use connections between aesthetic and scientific practice. The artistic process is similar to an experimental setup. The difference is that there is no question asked at the beginning that needs to be answered. The questions I ask about my work and the final result instead arise in the course of the process. Some disappear again, others stay. Using this approach, an artistic image or shape is obtained from the course of the experiment. Results are produced that give me the opportunity to change and improve my artistic work.

I am using different experimental setups, especially when dealing with technologies. The studio or the workspace, including the various equipment that is used, corresponds to the laboratory. I keep confronting the various materials that I examine. In this sense, I also do materials research. In the process of forming the shape, I explore the material properties, Joining techniques and technical Manufacturing capabilities. These development processes result in images, objects and animations.

I am still in the process just like the technological possibilities and oportunities continue to develop. Within the next year I will deal even more intensively with the topic of artifical intelligence. In doing so, I use generative adversarial networks that help me to acquire images and shapes. My idea behind it is to generate networks that work as independent employees on new artistic ideas. I would like to have my own running buisness with diffeerent generative systems working as my staff to help me generate new art pieces.


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