Cyber Shakti

Artist Statement

Shakti, the divine feminine. “Cyber Shakti” simply is the incarnation of Shakti in cyberspace with my art to my visual stories, timeless.

Cyber Shakti, a practicing photographer, glitch artist & digital painter from India. She practices energy healing which is a strong influence on her work, which is her endeavor to connect people and stories. Particularly, women.

There is a goddess in all women, & she loves to connect with these ignited souls. With her work, she captures their most free-spirited selves. In the process, a chain of energy exchange is generated – tangibly manifested through smiles.

Her work is a spaceship that ricochets these stories into the cyber realm via blockchain.

Cyber Shakti’s work is a richly blended concoction of her travels, photography, glitch art, digital painting & video loops.
She currently works as a Marketing Manager in her day job. New to meditation, she is thriving in emotional bliss!



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