Artist Statement

Reimagining Satoshi Nakamoto.

Hi! I’m Nica also goes by the name #CryptoBabyNico. A visual artist based in Indonesia. I love making cute stuff and fascinated by the idea of interrupting the stiffness of the digital world with fun, cartoon alike, colorful characters. This is my first debut as a female #cryptoartist. And I’m trying to sell my first #cryptoart painting titled “Satoshi and Doge in A Calm Afternoon” | 29.7 x 42 cm | 2021.
This is the first of 4 pop art series that I created from the same artwork. The idea behind this depicting #SatoshiNakamoto as a lovable dog-daddy relaxing with #Doge after a joyful day! The nuance and color choices I tried to create in this piece are also a form of appreciation in supporting a healthier and more fun crypto art ecosystem.
So make sure you check my work on @rariblecom and add this piece to your collection.

Cheers. 👾💘✨🐰🌼👽🦔💕

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